Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Do you think that Direct Mail have a Future?

There are numerous marketing procedures that can be utilized, and handpicking the apt approach to our business is not simple. Organizations, likewise, have restricted budget to use on marketing which makes it much more difficult. Unlike traditional methods, the Direct Mail list are tangible and personal as it follows a strategy, quit marketing and begin engaging. But here raises a question. Is Direct Mail a Dinosaur?. To get the answer of this million-dollar question, you have to look at this article. According to Direct Marketing Association experts (DMA), the volume of direct mailing lists has remained fairly steady across the years since its inception.

Everything from catalogs to postcards have been utilized through the years with extraordinary success. We still send postcards and letters today. Who we send, how we send, and what we send in them is the thing that drives the true change. Over recent years we have seen incredible advances in technology that are currently open ways to upgrade direct email list more than ever. We should investigate the past, present and eventual fate of direct mail.


Send the same piece to everybody: There was no personalization, no rotating offer, no intended target group, simply a gigantic list of individuals to send your message to. This was recognized as “spray and pray.” The contemplation was that everybody would require your item, so we let them know everything.

A true change came when the mail station made ZIP Codes. This lets the direct marketers to convey the message to a smaller group of audiences.


Today we are utilizing direct mail with QR Codes and PURLs. A few of us are doing this effectively, utilizing mobile landing pages with focus on pertinent data. We invest small amount, send fewer pieces and are required to get more outcomes. Keeping in mind the end goal to finish this, we have truly been concentrating on target lists. Verifying that the right message gets to the right individual at the right time. Following mail conveyance permits us to trigger different channels to relate with direct mail, for example, email, mobile and social networking.


With a direct mailing list driving the introductory engagement, the prospects will have a flawless connection to all marketing channels. This will keep on granting marketers with expanded capacity to accurately track ROI. The flexibility of direct mail throughout the years, joined with cutting-edge technology, demonstrates that it will remain a significant marketing channel in the future. The direct mails will rouse activity with more than printed words. There are energizing times ahead for direct mail, I for one anticipating all the potential outcomes.