Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

Lapsed email subscribers are the biggest dilemma for any marketer today. The decision of which contacts should be kept and which ones should be deleted from the list depends completely on your current business propositions and future plan of expansion but a time comes when you know, what exactly should be done with your old, lifeless subscribers.


Why are newsletters sent to email subscribers? Because every marketer tends to work on the line of Hope, hope of receiving a response. But if an email contact has long stopped responding to any of your email newsletter, updates or reminder, then do not waste any time and call in 1-800-EMAIL-FLUSH.


Email marketers tend to keep hope against all odds and try to make one last patch-up with their subscribers. So how can you do that? We have mentioned three useful tricks for a reactivation campaign:

1) Send An Ultimatum:

Send a cut off email to your inactive mail subscribers briefing that it is because of their lack of interest that you are planning to delete them from your list. Inform them that if they do not click on a link to reconfirm their interest in remaining a subscriber they would surely miss on your informative content and dazzling offers.

But before sending such ultimatum, it is advisable to use the other two approaches.

2) Polls and Survey:

Most people love to think that their opinion matters, so use this opportunity to engage them in pollsproving that they are contributing in building the future of your brand messaging and recapture their interest.

3) The Ultimate offer:

Don’t just send an offer for the sake of sending it. Design your offer taking into account your users demography, geography and past behavior with your brand.

  • If your email subscribers have responded to prized information, surprise them by sending an offer of a free e-book download, a report, whitepaper or guide to win them back.
  • For interactive email subscribers, offer a free game, video or app.
  • By any luck, if your office is located anywhere near to your subscriber plan a special event and send them free tickets.

Inactive email subscribers can not only be a liability but also a major concern for spam complaints. But like any email marketers if you survive on hope keep trying all your options to revive them that would bring back your marketing campaign into shape.