Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Customer Satisfaction or Alienation – Draw Ideas to Understand Experience

Customer experience should be the first priority across all organization irrespective of the categories they belong to. However this is one area that most companies seem to lack. As a package customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering – the quality of customer care, of course, but also advertising, packaging, product and service features, ease of use and reliability. Now most of changes happen within the executive level as they form to be the touch points deriving factors for the result of their actions. But how many CMOs try to get this first hand feedback for major policy changes shall be facilitated by the top management.

What are their contributions to customer experience?

Since most CMOs struggle on this aspect, let’s chalk out four out of the box ideas to get a better handle on your customer’s experience:

1. A One To One Session With Product Managers

You can start the discussion by asking a simple question what are the customers able to do differently using your products and services. A very simple question that indulges you to understand what your staff is solving for customers rather than what you’re selling.

For customers it is the absence of pain or a desire fulfilled rather than your products and services while opting you against your competitors.

2. Be and Experience as Customer

Many CMOs have tried this practice but has often seemed to fall into the trap of trial and purchase phase. Do not follow the same trend, divulge yourself in answering queries like:

  • How do your target customers feel, when they hear about your brand or service for first time?
  • How do they try you out and buy?
  • How do they use your product and service to satisfy their need?

And the big one:

  • How Customers are evolving overtime?

This analysis can offer a new reason of demand further providing an opportunity to cross sell.

3. Review performance Result

Let’s say a customer has used your product or service to solve their need or desire, a Net Promoter score might be a key performance metric or outcome. From here you can go on to understand the predictability, speed or flexibility actions that are driving your positive or negative NPS.

4. Tipping points on customer experience

There are a few tipping points within customer experience that have a multitude of impact on its success. Record that and trace it back for tipping points seem to have a halo effect if traced right it can bring great results and if you get them wrong you shall be forever climbing the never ending staircase of negative customer perceptions.

Customer satisfaction or alienation, how has your system of customer experience working. Any particular that you follow, share it with us.