Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
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First impression is the last impression. Yes, that is indeed true for any websites. A website is the face value for any business company. It represents you and your business to the customers. Today, there are tons of websites on the web and if you want to make your websites unique and distinctive from others then you need to follow some of the basic tips so as to get more visitors to your site. The first and the most primary aspect for any website is the user-friendly graphics. An ideal website design is the one, where the users get the highest level of accessibility to your websites.

So, now the question arises, what makes the website a user-friendly and unique from others? So here we go with some updated 5 ways that that ensures your visitors happy, and stay for longer time on your website.

1. A Good Content:

A website is incomplete without inclusive information. The first and the prime endeavor of any website would be a proper content which must be highlighting the complete details and information about the company and their services.

It must be short, crispy and simple to understand. Proper utilization of keywords is must, so as to generate more SEO, and finally the error free content is extremely vital. You cannot afford a single mistake on your websites.

2. The Text Should Be Arranged Well (Layout):

Now that you are focusing on writing the content, the first thing you should keep in mind is its font. The font should be properly directed. The most common fonts that have been for the websites are Times New Roman and Calibri. Along with the selection of fonts, the font size should also be maintained and it should be in uniform size. Always use distinct contrast such as black text on a white background, or vice versa for your page’s body.

3. Navigation:

Every user wants to browse through the website in search of what they want. Providing simple and intuitive website is a huge factor to sustain any users. The website navigation should be on that manner where there should not be any difficulties for the users to get their search thing. Creative designs are awesome, but one should not forget the important factors like site navigation.

4. Graphics, Images and Videos:

Keep your images and graphics as simple as possible unless you are sure that everyone who might view your site is going to be using a T3 connection. If you have a large graphics which you want people to be able to view, use a smaller version as a thumbnail link to the larger one, and you can warn people that the link contains a large image. By this, users can save their time by not clicking on to those photos which they don’t want.

You can also use HTML 5, which is a very popular way to make your site look the best. It allows you to put videos without the need of flash. You can make your site flash free with easy to load facility and give the visitor a user friendly experience.

5. Make sure your website loads quickly:

Waiting is just a waste of time. Yes, especially when a website is taking lot of times to open, then it might lose the interest of the users or visitors. They may even give up on your website before it even loads. Hence, you should try to go for a better server which will provide you the perfect speed, so that it can avoid the delay while opening the website.

One tip for searching for a host with a fast server is visit the website of potential hosts and evaluate how fast their website loads. They most likely host their own website so the loading time would be indicative of approximately how long it would take your website to load.

6. Check Your Links:

Make sure that every links on your website has some meaning and reasons. Even though they are out of context, they should be making some sense. Try to point out what the visitor will be linked to, instead of merely stating click here.

Along with it should be properly coded. Nothing is more frustrating to a website visitor than broken links or non-functional pages. When a visitor is in need of something from your website, and he found that the link is broken or the content is unavailable then it shows un-professionalism.