Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Content Marketing Dilemma – Dealing “Problems” with “Solutions”

Content marketing has gone through various facets of marketing and it is time to judge the causes of the problem along with their probable solutions. If you ask the most curious of marketers, they will have no two thoughts to accept that most problems created are the result of their own developed hypothesis. Let’s discuss the five major issues that has been bubbling on top and a few solutions that can keep them from hindering your ability to create classic content.

1. Problem Jack of all Trades, master of None syndrome

Chances are that you are creating multiple channels (be it email, webinars, blogs, content for social media), though there is hardly but a strategy to calculate the ROI or measuring the conversions of each content.

Solution: The fair solution shall be to choose a channel and be the best in it. Direct your efforts to become the leading provider of information for your customers on that platform. Maintain your presence in different platforms but most the centre of focus should be put into singular channel.

2. Problem Content Performance Issues

If only we could have a secret lamp to rub for generating new content ideas. But alas, that is not the case. What is ruling most business sites are stale, mediocre and copied content?

Solution: Get first focus on customers desired outcomes, instead of primarily writing about products or services you are trying to pitch for, gather interest on what the reader is looking to get out of the content you provide.

3. Problem – Content in Abundance, Audience Scarce

It’s a common mistake, marketers get so focused on creating quality content that they eventually tend to forget the audience development strategy. According to CMI survey audience consideration should come immediately after content planning.

Solution: Create an audience acquisition program that combines both organic and paid strategies. Let’s say:

    • Subscription as a Goal: If content marketing comes to a moneyball game subscriber are the one that can assure a confident win.
    • Influencer’s list:Build the influencer hit list and execute this strategy.
    • Guest Posting: Guest posting should be the major part of strategy for growing subscriber base.

4. Problem – Legal and Compliance Issues

It’s a common problem any content to be published in reputable organizations has to go through multiple approval process from the legal and compliance department, slowing down the publishing time and lagging behind competition.

Solution: Therefore before embarking on your content marketing journey list out all the rules that both content team members and your legal and compliance team agree to.

5. Problem: Big plans, limited resources

For all content marketing ventures, a limited resource is the worst excuse any marketer can provide.

Solution: Co creation or what Andrew Davis says Brandscaping. Find non-competitive companies that are also targeting the same companies, as you are to develop compelling stories.

So we have dealt with the basic of content marketing problems and try to device the most affordable solution, to say attempting to end the dilemma of content marketing.