Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
How Employees Can Benefit From Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing refers to a concept where the computing resources are delivered to the end users through different types of network, the most predominant example would be internet.

When cloud computing first appeared, there were number of critics who described it as the latest tech fad. However, later it proved to be a true shift to the paradigm, on how IT is working these days. Looking at the number of achievements cloud computing technology has achieved, it seems like it is here to stay for the immediate future.

The benefits of cloud computing are:

1. New Software

With SaaS you can update applications that are needed to run your business. This helps workers apply the new functionalities and features to bring-out more and better productivity in a short span of time. It is quite a contrast when compared to the purchased software that is released once a year and take significant time to roll out.

2. Do More With Less

With cloud computing, companies can reduce the number of data centres or erase their data centre footprints altogether. By reducing the number of servers, software cost and number of staffs, organizations can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting their capabilities.

3. Flexible Costs

The cost of cloud computing are much more flexible than the traditional methods. Companies need to only pay for the servers and infrastructures as and when needed. They can also choose to opt for more provision and as well de-provision when you no longer need it.

4. Enhanced Mobility

Cloud Computing helps users receive data and applications to any part of the world. Employees have access to work through their smart phones and tablets.