Posted On: May 30, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
video marketing case studies

If you are a B2B sales executive, you probably know what it takes to close a deal. But did you ever think that the right video could help you in this area? Most of the B2B firms take video marketing approaches for granted, assuming it works only for B2C industries. It’s time to change your thought regarding this strategy as it is proven to be extremely powerful when executed appropriately.

  • The video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019, according to Cisco.
  • As per the Unbounce report, video contents on a landing page is capable of increasing the conversion rate by 80%.
  • 81% of B2B companies use video as their marketing tool as per the Experian report.
  • According to Google, 70% of B2B users watch videos before making purchase decisions.
  • Brightcove reveals that video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.

There are still more reports that reveal interesting facts about video marketing in the B2B industry. Although B2B buyers differ from B2C consumers, both make buying decisions if they are sure of gaining the maximum value out of it. Therefore, along with spending time on solving complex customer issues, knowing the customer’s interest, or involving key stakeholders, try implementing video marketing as well to get the job done. Show prospects about real customers using your products or services and their results. Video case studies (also known as testimonial video or success story video) will move your target audience down the purchase funnel quickly.

A good customer testimonial video tells your brand story from their point of view. Here is the basic outline on how to create a video case study:

  • Begin with explaining the situation such as who are they, what they do, and where they are from.
  • Explain the problems they faced before using your product or service.
  • Describe how they shopped for a solution. You can also include the competitor’s name if they considered any.
  • Explain the reason for choosing you over others.
  • Share their results after using your product.

These short videos can range from 15 seconds to a few minutes in length. But it will always be a winning template to reach B2B buyers. If you are still not convinced on why to pick this strategy for your B2B sales plan, you can read further. We have listed below some of the most compelling reasons to embrace video case studies.

1. Social Proof Increases the Trust

It is quite common that people are heavily influenced by the opinions or experiences of family, friends, and others who may have used your product. Research shows that video case studies (heroic or simple story) are capable of offering this social proof to the audience. People find it easier to believe if you show them the real experience of previous users. Video case studies backed by valid data forms a critical tool for your business success.

2. Less Involvement of Sales Person

Most of the B2B buyers conduct various researches online instead of interacting with the sales executives of a company. They want information and not just a sales pitch. Although written content or product descriptions help them to learn more about your brand, nothing works more effectively than a video describing the customer’s success story. Seeing or hearing from real customers will help them to make a purchasing decision quickly and saves valuable time.

3. Visible Outcome to Justify Your Decision

As mentioned above, B2B buyers are not interested in promises or assumptions. They are always keen to know how others are using your product or services. They want to see the experience of past users or their business outcomes by availing your product. You can provide an answer to all their queries in the form of testimonial videos. These videos will justify their purchasing decision. Also, it motivates them to endorse your brand to others and grow together.

4. Videos can Convey Emotions

Videos of success stories will not only convey your overall brand message but also creates an emotional appeal for your branding. It tempts the audience to buy your product emotionally and later justify their decision by using it. So, always create a great video content with a moving story. Place it on your landing page or products page for buyers to view.

5. Shareable Contents on Different Media

We know that B2B videos are unlikely to go viral in a typical way, but that doesn’t mean you should stop creating shareable contents about your product. B2B videos can reap expected benefit when it is passed to the right people who are part of the buying procedure. Besides, you must remember that B2B buyers are good at word-of-mouth marketing. They share their experience of using any product or services to their peers or followers in the social media platforms. Your shareable video case studies give them an opportunity to post it on various channels and comment on.

Take Control of Your Fast-Growing Business with Videos

We hope the information mentioned in this write-up is sufficient to motivate you to begin with the video case studies. As the video makes it simple to convey your product story or client’s positive feedback to a large group of audience, it is also the most affordable way to increase your brand worth in your niche market. So, come up with the new ideas, tailor your pitches to the customer’s needs, take control of the sales cycle, and publish their testimonials in the form of videos to grab the attention of large number of prospects.