Posted On: Jan 07, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
B2B Lead Management Techniques

Marketing is growing and past are the days when most of the success was built around traditional tactics and measurements like traffic and conversion rates through single channels. Especially lead management has managed to take leaps and bounds in terms of developing a plan and the expenses acquired.

Back to Old principles

Most B2B marketers are therefore going back to the old principle that it would cost roughly five times to acquire new customer that it does to maintain an existing one. Study by Demand Gen Report shows an increasing number of B2B marketers view this as priorities:

  • Identifying most loyal/valuable customers 68%
  • Capturing and integrating customer data 49%

The figures speak for themselves as the need for customer engagement as move beyond single minded focus on prospect marketing to engaging customers across entire lifecycle.

Complex products requires knowledge support before and after services

Around 70% of buyer’s journey is completed when contacted and one of the major reasons why numerous lead management/marketing automation technology. More and more marketers are using this tool to send targeted messages or drip campaigns to engage and educate customers throughout the buying cycle.

New Customer Welcome

Use marketing automation/lead management technology not at the bottom of the sales funnel rather it should be used to execute targeted welcome and educational campaigns that helps ramp up new customers.


Technology products like SaaS or subscription based products would understand the emphasis today on customer retention within B2B circles. In such cases lead management/marketing automation technology can support renewal campaigns leading up to the renewal date. A series would help educate customers about new upcoming services.

Cross Sell/Up Sell

Collating information from web sites, email clicks, form competitors give a clearer picture how B2B marketers can target for up sell or cross sell opportunities. Similarly marketing automation/lead management technology should be used to interpret and action on this data, delivering targeted messages that help move customers into a new buying cycle, starting the process all over.

Managing Interactions through Single Interface

Marketers are always on the lookout for the ability to plan, execute and measure communications with prospects and customers. The lead management software should enable marketers to address complex needs while providing ability to manage all interactions. However the solution must also provide:

  • Single marketing view

In light of B2B marketers priority to capture and integrate customer data, any solution must provide a single marketing view of customers and prospects that spans multiple channels and sources.

  • Cross channel execution

Look for a solution that seamlessly integrates all essential channels, including email, web, direct mail, call center, SMS, mobile app, and social media.

  • Real-time decisioning

present a static offer on your website, these capabilities would allow you to dynamically propose the next best action to visitors based on who they are, what they’ve consumed previously, where they are in the customer lifecycle, etc.

Try out the new experiences and garner a more effective lead management strategy.