Posted On: Jan 04, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Though corporate profits are on rise, many companies are still slow to increase budgetary expenditures. With two economic downturns over a decade, B2b buyers are focused to choose solutions that aim to provide more for less.

Anyone who has been involved in B2B buying cycle would agree that the process is not only slow but also elongated due to the multiplied decision makers. However, with economic uncertainty nearby, it’s important to gain detailed understanding of the business buyers experience involving factors that would let you know the features important to facilitate them to buy from you. In such uncertain economic situation, many decision makers are adverse to change, requiring more and economic justification for each proposal, thus making it hard for even high ROI projects to be approved.

B2B Buyer Phases – Key Experiences that Uplifts Channel Importance [Infographic]