Posted On: Jan 04, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
5 Latest Digital Marketing Trends

With the expansion of digital marketing in the global business platform, it’s that time of the year when marketers all around the world have geared up with lots of new digital marketing strategies that are going to be the highlight of this year. So, if you are wondering that what is going to be the latest digital marketing techniques that can grab maximum attention and increase sales? Then, you must definitely consider the listed below digital marketing trends analyzed by Alan Smith in social media today.

1. Content marketing will expand:

In 2014, the content marketing is forecasted to become bigger. Social Media B2B affirm that, companies which blog are leading 67 percent more than the ones that do not blog. It is noted by experts that a great content marketing effort will never go in vain and is sure to earn your customers trust. Creating precious content on a large number of diverse channels is what a good marketing strategy requires.

2. Marketing Via mobiles:

Today, it is noted that most individuals has a Smartphone with them 24/7, and they are the ones who are mostly being aimed in location oriented marketing operations. With the usage of more smart phones, the mobile device based technology of marketing is becoming more popular amongst content marketers who are using GPS technology to provide multi-media straight to individuals using mobile devices. This technique is going to be a major hit this year as companies become tech savvy.

3. More pictures will highlight better stories:

Pinterest and Instagram have already proved, how powerful images can be and this is more likely to become apparent this year. Based on the latest statistics it is noted by industry experts that articles which contain pictures get 94 per cent extra views. And so images will help get better attention and is more likely to give your site an SEO raise if it is used appropriately.

4. Direct information through simple messages:

Direct communication through simple messages will be the latest trend this year, as complex messages are more likely to go out of fashion. The new norm of digital marketing is simplicity and minimalism which is sure to grab maximum attention of the people. Already technology giants such as Google and Apple are using simplistic web designs and advertisements.

5. 3D printing technique:

3D printing will be the most innovative way to attract customers especially in retail, real estate, military and fashion industries. To get the classic appearance, let the 3D design effect give a better view of your designed plastic products. With the usage of 3D printing technique a wide range of industries are sure to benefit as it is likely to cut down cost and waste products. Moreover, it can be efficiently used for styling, one- off products.