Posted On: Sep 11, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Content Marketing

Technology is changing on a daily basis. To be on the same track as the rapidly evolving technology, the marketers are integrating various strategies in their activities. Content marketing is one among them which cannot be taken for granted because of its importance in almost every field. Hence it is the job of the marketers to see how the new trends in technology effects content marketing.

This write-up helps you in this regard. We listed five tech trends that will have a direct impact on content marketing in 2018. Take a look at them and decide how you can utilize them in your business operations.

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You might have quality content with you, but publishing it at the right time to the right audience is where the actual skill lies. Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools are developed with various amenities to help you here. The machine learning technology assists the marketers in publishing the right contents to the right users.

Whereas, the artificial intelligence tools such as natural language processor, predictive analysis, and other algorithms help in creating the best content for your business. Some experts have also predicted that within next five years, all the materials are said to be developed by the AI tools, and the job of the humans will only be to edit or polish the contents generated by it.

Besides, the other AI tools such as chatbots, personalized recommendation system, and data analysis algorithm direct the audience to the topics of their interest automatically. Research conducted by Adobe states that only 15% of companies are currently using AI whereas, we can expect the addition of 31% to the same list over the next year.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools

Although the virtual and augmented reality entered the business space some year ago, it is utilized only by a few companies worldwide. It is known as the game-changer in almost every segment of different industries. Studies by experts forecast that both the VR and AR technology will generate $150 billion revenue by 2020.

But the complications in integrating these tools in the business operations left most of the companies unprepared and made them stay behind in the technological race. Hence if you are planning to utilize them in your business, you must start right away. Try to come up with some creative or interactive video, apps, or graphics that make your content look more engaging and also lays a foundation for the future AR/VR installment.

3. Mobile Optimization

Most of the users spend their time on mobile devices than other digital technologies available in the store. Especially the internet connectivity and the portability feature of these devices made it stand apart from other gadgets. Hence to stay connected with your audience, it is always a best practice to optimize your website and other contents for mobile phones. You can reach a massive number of prospects on the way with this trick.

ComScore Report Source: comScore

According to “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report by comScore, users spend 69 percent of digital media time on mobile devices. Out of which, smartphone apps take the majority of the share. Therefore, come up with some useful apps for your customers or audiences who may do business with you in later times. Try to keep yourself updated in mobile technology and implement the same in your business operations to meet the increasing expectations of the customers.

4. Proper Utilization of Social Media

One-third of the world population uses social media on a regular basis. Hence it is the best place for the marketers to reach the maximum number of audiences. Instead of utilizing it only to share the links or promote your product/services, you can use it for other purposes. That is, you can publish your article on this platform and build a base for your brand. According to a study by Clutch, the written material is one of the most engaging contents on social media.

HubSpot Report Source: HubSpot

You can make use of instant article feature of Facebook to publish your content instantly. Also, other popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram offer the functionality that supports this factor. They provide the linking feature that allows the users to read an article with a simple swipe. The content marketer must keep up with these recent changes in the social media and integrate them in the business operations sensibly.

5. Streaming Live Video

Most of the social media platforms have included live video streaming feature on their desktop as well as mobile apps. This feature came into limelight on 2017 and helped the people to convey their message quickly in real-time. The businesses can utilize this strategy in their content marketing area to instantly promote their product or brand to a large number of audiences. Also, people expect live video streaming than any other static contents.

Some studies have already proved that users favor live streaming more than any other social media posts. They love to interact with their favorite brands, and the live video streaming helps them to do so. Apart from this, you can also organize webinars for a professional B2B promotion. These live features make the users involved in your business activities and also strengthens the customer relationship.

Final Note

If you are a content marketer, it is the best practice to integrate the technologies mentioned above and build strong brand value. Content is known as the king in various aspects of marketing. You cannot neglect its importance since marketers use it in every area of business. Hence you must utilize it wisely and boost your business growth accordingly. Keep yourself updated with every new trend and stay ahead in the fast-evolving business world.