Posted On: Feb 05, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
Cold B2B Subject Lines

Cold emailing is the proven marketing tactic that would bring adequate sales to the company no matter whether you like it or not. Especially, startups use this traditional way of marketing to initiate early traction. But this tactic only works when you execute it in the right format. You may persuade some of your audience through cold emailing, but convincing the decision makers or C-level executives is where your true potential lies.

A well-written subject line plays a crucial role here. Hence, if you want to upsurge open rate of cold emails, write the subject line that makes your recipients curious to click. Besides, the current marketing trends, rules, as well as the recipient’s psychological factors also matter while crafting a cold email.

Since it is time-consuming for any busy marketer to consider all these elements, we listed ten best cold email subject lines that will help your campaign. Use them wisely and see a drastic improvement in the number of open and click rates.

Subject Line #1: [Recipient’s Name], I have an idea for you

This subject line works like a charm for most of the marketers. The word “You” and “Idea” is powerful enough to encourage the recipient to open the email. Besides, it also builds curiosity in the minds of the consumers. But do not use this tactic simply for click baits. If you are planning to include this subject line in your B2B cold email, make sure that you provide some value inside it.

Subject Line #2: We have [One or Multiple Facts] in common

It is a good conversation starter. Who does not like to communicate with the person having common interests? A commonality acts as a plus point to build a relationship with the customers. You do not have to invest much of your time on thinking what to mail next. Hence find one or more common interests or factors between you and your recipient before beginning with the targeted email campaign.

Subject Line #3: [Recipient’s Name], Can you do me a favor?

This subject line will get clicked easily since human emotions are involved in it. Instead of plain email with simple subject line, try to sound natural and organic in your email communication. Besides, using the recipient name in the subject line makes it look informal and personal. The busy C-level executive does not like to receive an email from someone who does not even recognize them. So, adding their name will increase the chances of opening the email drastically.

Subject Line #4: I found you through [Referral/Friend/Relative/Connection Name]

Many researchers have proved that including the referral or a friend’s name in the subject line has resulted in more than 80% open rate and beyond 20% reply rate. Since it can immediately establish the connection with the prospect, this tactic works like wonder for most of the businesses. Hence if you indeed share a friend, acquaintance, colleague, or a relative with your customer, make sure you add that person’s name in your cold email subject line.

Subject Line #5: [Recipient’s Name], about your [Project Name]

Since you are dealing with B2B professionals and C-level executives, you must always send the messages that are relevant to their business. They will open your email only if it has some link to the project(s) on which they work. Or else, they will ignore it or mark it as spam forever. Hence include the appropriate project name in your email subject line before sending it to them. It helps in targeted campaigns that are much more viable.

In case, if you do not know your customer’s project name or the current stage of the process, you can skip the project name in the subject line like this:

[Recipient’s Name], about your project.

Subject Line #6: A Short Quick Question about [Project Name]

This subject line technique works similar to the one mentioned above. If you have researched about your customer’s project and know what they are doing, then you can give it a shot. It sparks curiosity among the recipients and tempts them to open the email to learn the question. The study conducted by Contently co-founder Shane Snow states that curiosity-piquing quick question results in 51.2% open rate and 66.7% of replies.

Subject Line #7: Update

This simple word works much better than expected when you include it in the right email for the right person. This update can be anything related to your service, offer, or also about the current project of your clients. If you want to be much specific, you can include the details of the update in your subject line. But try to keep the text short and simple which can quickly get your email opened.

Subject Line #8: [Number] free tips or ideas for [Audience Pain Point]

Who does not like to receive free tips or solutions for their business problem? A free idea is hard to resist, especially when you get it without asking for it! You can use this psychological factor of humans to grab their attention and enhance your brand value. Besides, including numbers in the subject line is more effective. Hence do not forget to include it in your cold email.

Subject Line #9: Feeling [Some Emotion]? Let us help you

Tap into the customer’s sentiment directly with these type of subject lines. You can pick right days of the week or holiday seasons to use this tactic in your cold email. For instance, you can type – “Feeling tired this Halloween? Let us help you”. It will make your email get clicked quickly. But make sure that you provide them the true relief in the email body. That is, tell them how your service or product can lift their mood.

Subject Line #10: [Recipient’s Name], Thank you for your time

This subject line shows gratitude and also makes your customers feel valued. You can use this subject line for your follow up emails. But make sure that you honestly have something that requires you to add this to your subject line. Be genuine about your efforts and customers will surely notice it.

Bonus Tip:

These subject lines are sufficient enough to get clicked by C-level executives. But if you do not provide them the actual value they deserve, your entire effort will be of waste. Hence make sure that your email gives your audience something they want and show them you are trustworthy. A creative subject line along with a relevant message in it will surely shoot up your email open rate.

Final Note

Hope this curated list of the subject line is of help for your B2B organization. Cold emailing may sound challenging. But when you execute it correctly with an appropriate subject line, there is no doubt in hitting the desired goal. Hence place the correct subject line at the right email to open the way for new business opportunities.