Thomson Data Offers 20% Off On All Mailing Lists

Women’s Equality Day commemorates 26th of August 1920, when voting rights to women was officially declared as a part of the US constitution. The day also became the end of struggle for equality for women and women rights.
On this special day, Thomson Data is offering 20% off on all mailing lists. We provide mailing lists for all industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, Oil & Gas and many more. Off-late there’s a demand for 3D Printing Professionals and Cloud-Computing Mailing Lists.

B2B mailing list includes,

  • Direct Mailing List
  • Government Mailing List
  • HR Mailing List
  • Lawyers Mailing List
  • C- Level Mailing Lists
  • Healthcare Mailing Lists
  • Mailing List Broker,
  • 3D Printing Professionals Mailing List & more.

Prepackaged & Customized Technology Users List consists of,

  • SAP Users List
  • ERP Users List
  • Oracle Users List
  • Microsoft Users List
  • Unix Users Lists
  • Java Users List
  • Linux Users Lists,
  • Cloud Computing User Mailing List & more.

International Mailing List and International Business Executives Lists by SIC code helps you in reaching markets in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and many other emerging markets.

  • APAC business executives lists
  • Middle Eastern business executive lists
  • African business executives’ lists
  • Latin American (South America) Business Executives Mailing/Email Lists
  • European Business Executives Lists and many more.
So why wait? Thomson Data, the most trusted marketing solutions provider is offering 20% off on all mailing lists, including B2B Lists, C-Level Lists and Healthcare Mailing Lists.
It’s time to stop treating men and women as separate beings with separate roles and start considering them equal!

Offer expires on 31st August, 2015. Grab it now and increase the chances of getting better ROI.

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