Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Nov 9, 2011: Thomson Data, an industry leader in mailing list solutions, announces the release of its International Mailing Lists. These lists are aimed at businesses and marketers trying to develop a lucrative overseas customer base.

Given the easing of communication hassles and the resultant shrinking of the globe, marketing overseas has never been easier. Thomson Data has developed a network of strategic placed data linkages all over the world and in the process, amassed a formidable database of international consumer and business contacts.

International mailing lists will give our clients the ability to move beyond domestic markets and showcase their offerings on the international stage, said John Duff, senior marketing manager with Thomson Data. While the domestic market remains a bastion of consumer and B2B sales, the international scene offers much more scope for many businesses given the increasing trend towards global liberalization and the relaxation of trade barriers.

Thomson Data’s international mailing lists will allow its clients to tap business and consumer markets on four different continents – Asia, Europe, North America and Australia while providing them with opportunities to enhance and diversify their client portfolios. Additionally, these lists can be customized on the basis of geography, industry, income range and a host of selects, giving you the freedom to narrow down your audience and target specific overseas markets.

Our list customization facilities are designed to give our clients a clear edge, when competing in international markets, by focusing and tailoring their campaign toward specified niches. This lists are a 100% deliverable and in using them, marketers stand to gain both in terms of response rates and ROI, said Mr. Duff.

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