Phone Appending

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Phone Appending

Sometimes, an organization may have a distinct hierarchy, which makes it essential to interpret your targets accurately when more than one key decision maker is involved. To simplify your task, Thomson Data has taken measures to append multiple contacts of the decision makers.

Why not try our contact appending services and make prospecting simpler?

High-Quality Contact Records for Your Benefit

Comprehensive Market Coverage

  • Incorrect or missing contact details will harm your business goals drastically
  • Accurate contact data lets you expand your business in the new regions.

Reach Newer Connections

  • Wrong data will waste your time and resources on the wrong audience
  • Data appending lets you meet a wide range of new customers as well as connect with the old ones

Improved Campaign Performance

  • Database with errors and redundancies will hamper your campaign performance
  • Removal of outdated data and updating the new data helps you to execute your campaign successfully

Higher Response Rates

  • Erroneous contact directly impacts response rate
  • Clean and updated database boosts the conversion and ROI

Targeted Data

  • Irrelevant or missing data complicates the task of meeting right audience
  • The Well-structured error-free database lets you target right customers at the right time

How we do it?

To provide you with the best quality data, we have made contact appending services a continual and a comprehensive process. Our team of data specialists gathers the data from credible resources and renowned data-partners. Thomson Data has maintained a framework of standardized validation rules to append as well as cleanse the data. Besides, our database undergoes regular updates on timely basis – typically within every 60 days. Our team is responsible for making sure that the contact details in our database are compliant with the GDPR and anti-spam laws.

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John Mathew, Direct Consultant