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It is extremely necessary where a site ranks in a search, and challenging to direct more traffic and gain higher rank and reliability in search engines and visibility as top query results.

Thomson Data’s talented team of SEO experts has the capacity to perform serious and efficient study of the nature of your commerce and create the ways to magnetize potential clients towards your Business and acquire top rank and reliability in search engines.

Our team of professional experts has designed two solution packages. Depending on your requirements they can help you to identify the best solutions out of the two customized solutions for your website by assessing your site. Or else, you can select any one of the below listed solutions as per your requirements:

Organic Rank Optimizer:

Organic Rank Optimizer enables you to persistently optimize your business’s search position and obtain high quality leads across organic channels.
We provide feature full inclusive SEO solution


  • To engage your target audience more efficiently and effectively, our process selects the best performing adaptation path elements and on top of that prescribes page design enhancements.
  • On 41 significant search observance checks, website architecture analyzer scrutinizes your website.
  • For more visibility across valuable customer-centric keywords, Thomson Data’s SEO process persistently optimizes your website.


  • As a result of better search engine ranking it is sure to increase organic traffic and leads.
  • By fixing impediments that restrain, it increases market share of your business.
  • For significant keywords improves your website’s ranking.

Website Calibrator

Website Calibrator is a onetime audit with which you can quickly and easily verify your site’s SEO performance.
You can take strategic decisions regarding your site’s architecture from a search & marketing perspective, because it provides you with applicable characteristics of 41 aspects of your website.


  • On 41 vital search compliance checks, website architecture analyzer scrutinizes your website.
  • Your incoming link eco-system is mapped by Link score analyzer which also identifies potential websites for high quality.
  • Your website’s SEO scores up to 4 competitors with Competitive landscape analysis.


  • Discover hindrances that reduce organic traffic from search engines.
  • By formulating SEO focus areas recover marketing investments.
  • Increase your website’s face to face competition

Whether, you are a large business organization with high resources, or a growing company with lower budgets. Thomson Data, a global leader direct marketing solutions have planned its services to suit your needs.

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