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Data Cleansing

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Data Cleansing Solutions

Updated marketing data reflects performance through improved quality. But, is your present data fulfilling your expectations?

You may have stored and structured a commendable database, and you may have a scheduled calendar to follow your marketing programs typically based on that, but do you know that B2B data degrades at a rate of 2.1% per month. That means, the data lying in your repository probably has gone or is about to go irrelevant.

Why you need Data Cleansing Solutions:

  • Duplicate, inaccurate, and lapsed contacts obstruct targeted marketing
  • Operational inefficiency of sales team
  • CRM data chaos between sales and marketing teams
  • Less targeted data leads high probability of risks
  • Relying upon lackluster technologies adds to overhead costs
  • Staggered ROI that harms business goals

Thomson Data offers the most comprehensive and practical Data Cleansing solutions – automated and manual cleansing driven by innovative business technologies. These solutions remove the most redundant information from your database and improve accuracy and efficiency of the contact-records. Using some of the latest practices, we analyze, update, and validate your consumer-records which also significantly reduce the additional expenses incurring from rusty data.

Thomson Data’s Data cleansing services let you:

  • Remove discrepancies from the database
  • Improve quality of data that reduces risk
  • Revamp customer acquisition
  • Calibrate decision-making process for maximum results
  • Improved accessibility with better conversion rates
  • Two-fold increase in revenue
  • Advanced analytics and overall management

To target the right prospects at the right time, and in the right way; your data needs to be clean and healthy – free of any inaccuracies. Thomson Data’s data cleansing services provide you an edge over marketers with an updated, accurate, and validated marketing database.

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