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Updated marketing data reflects performance through improved quality. But, is your present data fulfilling your expectations? You may have stored and structured a commendable database, and you may have a scheduled calendar to follow your marketing programs typically based on that, but do you know that B2B data degrades at a rate of 2.1% per month. That means, the data lying in your repository probably is outdated or is about to go irrelevant.

To target the right prospects at the right time, and in the right way; your data needs to be clean and healthy – free of any inaccuracies. Thomson Data offers the most comprehensive and practical Data Cleansing solutions – automated and manual cleansing driven by innovative business technologies. It provides you an edge over marketers with an updated, accurate, and validated marketing database.

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Accurate Business Data for Multi-Channel Campaigns







How we do it?

Our data cleansing solution removes the most redundant information from your database and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the contact-records. Using some of the latest practices, we analyze, update, and validate your consumer-records which also significantly reduce the additional expenses incurring from rusty data.

We maintain a vast data repository of over 50 million validated and updated contact details of the businesses and business professionals from various industries. At every stage of data cleansing, we make sure our data goes in compliance with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM laws, and other data privacy regulations.

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