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Siebel CRM Customers List

Just like any other CRM software out there, Oracle’s Siebel CRM also focuses on helping brands build strong customer relationships through customer data integration, price management, quote and order capture, self-service and eBilling, etc. However, Siebel customer relationship management is unique because it has a suite of tailor-made solutions for nearly 20 industries. It is known to help the managers of many verticals including automotive, life sciences, consumer goods, manufacturing, media, financial services, transportation, communications, high technology, retail, healthcare, public sector, and utility. Apart from its management capabilities, Seibel CRM stands out as a market leader because of its cloud availability.
Some of the top reasons why brands have invested in this software include a high degree of flexibility, reliability, and robustness. Siebel CRM market share is currently 1.5%, but given the progress, it has made over the years, this CRM software is headed places in the future.
Siebel CRM closely competes against giants like Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Salesforce CRM. As Oracle has announced in 2022 that it will continue supporting Siebel CRM, bringing in upgrades and innovations, there are good things in store.
This is excellent news for B2B tech marketers with companies using Siebel CRM on their radar. However, with the competition being tough, fall onto the safety net of Thomson Data’s robust data solutions and services. We will bridge communication gaps without letting you come off as intrusive, and here’s how.

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    List of Companies Using Siebel CRM

    Oracle’s Siebel CRM has its client base across industry verticals and geographies. These include IT services, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, education, oil and gas, etc. With Thomson Data, you can take your campaigns before a global audience or corner the local markets per your marketing requirements. Below is a list of companies using Siebel CRM along with their website, country, employee size, and average revenue.
    Company NameWebsiteCountryEmployee SizeRevenue
    Workivaworkiva.comUnited States2,106$443.3 million
    Veterans United Home Loansveteransunited.comUnited States2,800$30.5 billion
    UnitedHealth Groupunitedhealthgroup.comUnited States350,000$300 billion
    HSBChsbc.comUnited Kingdom219,697$49.5 billion
    General Motorsgm.comUnited States157,000$137.2 billion
    American Airlinesaa.comUnited States123,400$45.7 billion,143$15 billion
    Zimmerman Advertising LLCzadv.comUnited States380$120 million
    Lorven Technologieslorventech.comUnited States33$10 million
    Confidential Records Inc.confidentialrecordsinc.comUnited States<25<$5 million
    Delldell.comUnited States130,000$104. 7 billion
    HPhp.comUnited States53,000$63.5 billion
    Accentureaccenture.comUnited States674,000$50.5 billion
    Wells Fargowellsfargo.comUnited States247,848$78.4 billion
    Plante & Moran PLLCplantemoran.comUnited States3,202$476 million
    GE Capitalgecapital.comUnited States2,000$7 billion
    McKessonmckesson.comUnited States76,000$264 billion
    NVIDIA Corporationnvidia.comUnited States22,473$24 billion
    American Expressamericanexpress.comUnited States64,000$43.6 billion
    Capital Onecapitalone.comUnited States50,767$30.4 billion

    Technographic Data Of Companies That Use Siebel CRM

    Siebel CRM Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to software and IT solutions use Siebel CRM on a large scale with Computer Software covering more than 20.9%, Information Technology and Services about 46%, and Staffing and Recruiting industry having 17% of market share.

    Computer Software1,601
    IT and Services3,535
    Staffing and Recruiting1,305
    Computer Hardware382
    Oil and Energy37
    Management Consulting112

    Siebel CRM Customers by Country

    The United States is the major contributor to global Siebel CRM usage. So, you can understand how significant a market it is for any relevant marketing campaigns.

    United States3,326
    United Kingdom322

    Siebel CRM Customers by Revenue

    About 11.9% of companies with more than $200 million in net revenue integrate Siebel CRM into their systems. Being able to market to these types of clientele will be highly profitable.

    $0 Million to $1 Million 108
    $1 Million to $10 Million 704
    $10 Million to $50 Million 581
    $50 Million to $100 Million 180
    $100 Million to $200 Million 142
    $200 Million to $1000 Million 2165
    > $1000 Million 1601

    Siebel CRM Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the Siebel CRM customers by job title, developers cover 4%, followed by the administrators, which is around 2.5%. The remaining 92% of job title includes Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.

    Developer 20,137
    Administrator 6,544
    Architect 1,079
    Consultant 4,828
    Project Manager 846

    Siebel CRM Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 46.5% of companies using Siebel CRM are having employee count of less than 200,32.3% of companies are having employee count in between 200 to 5,000, and the remaining 21.1% of the companies that use Siebel CRM have employee count more than 5,000.

    1-10 Employees 108
    11-50 Employees 445
    51-200 Employees 436
    201-500 Employees 738
    501-1,000 Employees 320
    1,001-5,000 Employees 962
    5,001-10,000 Employees 1,619
    >10,000 Employees 1,213

    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

    Get Updated Count

      Siebel CRM Customers by State-wise in the USA

      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      District of Columbia33
      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      North Carolina75
      North Dakota3
      New Hampshire17
      New Jersey98
      New Mexico5
      New York336
      Rhode Island9
      South Carolina20
      South Dakota4
      West Virginia2

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      What Data Segmentation and Customization is Done for Siebel CRM Customers List?

      A Siebel CRM customers list acts as a roadmap to target potential customers based on their needs and pain points. However, this is in vain if the database is not well-segmented. To help you target your communications toward specific audiences, Thomson Data offers broad segmentation categories. We use four main distinguishing characteristics to build buyer personas – firmographics, demographics, buying signals, and user search intent. Some of the selects include:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Code
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Company Revenue
      • Company Website
      • Postal Address
      • Geographical Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Work Experience
      • Entity Type
      • Assets Size
      • And More

      This will help you send targeted communications to specific audiences and give an idea of how each persona moves uniquely down the sales funnel. Using the holistic information in your Siebel CRM customers list, you can optimize content engagement.

      Who Can Use the Siebel CRM Customers List?

      Every B2B tech marketer wants to boost conversion points, but the major challenge is the cut-throat competition. Thomson Data helps you cut through the noise before your ideal buyer groups through a robust Siebel CRM customers list. This will also facilitate more granular reporting down the line for better KPIs. Our list of companies using Siebel CRM will be the most useful for:
      • Marketers specializing in complementary software and services that might benefit companies that use Siebel CRM as a third-party integration
      • Marketers dealing in consultation or migration services for Siebel CRM
      • Marketers who wish to develop hyper-personalized content to cater to their leads in every stage of the sales funnel
      • Marketers who wish to connect with key decision-makers and other C-level heads of companies using Siebel CRM
      Since we do not dish out cookie-cutter solutions, the Siebel CRM customers list will be custom-made for your marketing requirements. Using it, you can bring the most qualified leads under your marketing belt.

      How to Use Siebel CRM Customers List?

      B2B marketers must keep in touch with their prospective customers throughout their buying journey at every stage. This can be tough, especially if you don’t know your prospects’ communication preferences. Meeting them right where they are and they prefer will directly impact engagement. So, our data solutions are offered to keep this in mind.
      Our Siebel CRM customers list will enable you to take a combined marketing approach to stay on top of your customers’ minds all the time. Given below are some of the multi-faceted marketing approaches you can take with our database:
      • Email marketing – hyper-personalized offers, newsletters, etc.
      • Direct mail campaigns – postcards, personalized letters, packages, etc.
      • Social media marketing – LinkedIn.
      • Telemarketing – bold cold calls, solid sales cadences
      • Email drip campaigns for follow-ups

      Apart from these, you can also use our Siebel CRM clients list to take your Account Based Marketing to the next level, develop ideal buyer personas to expand your outreach, and adjust the content format and body based on the lead’s position in the sales funnel.

      Why Choose Thomson Data for Your Siebel CRM Customers List

      Over the years, the face of B2B marketing has changed tremendously. It has happened to the extent that buyer tastes and attitudes have taken a total of 360. Having seen the industry in its highs and lows over the past 12 years, Thomson Data perfectly understands what difference robust data solutions make in establishing or demolishing a brand.
      As such, we encourage hyper-targeted, omnichannel marketing through our list of companies using Siebel CRM and other technology lists. Our data experts identify and choose mainly in-market leads through intent monitoring to give you a competitive edge. This provides access to the right people for the most impact. Here’s a comprehensive list of the benefits you will receive with Thomson Data as your data solutions and services provider:
      • At least 95% data accuracy. Say goodbye to redundancies, discrepancies, and missing fields.
      • 95% email deliverability to reduce bouncebacks and spam rates
      • Periodic hygiene checks to ensure the data remains fresh and relevant across channels
      • Multi-channel campaign support
      • Custom database suited for precision targeting needs
      • Holistic prospect view with over 75 data fields covered
      • Compliance with all major data norms such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA
      • Access to key decision-makers and C-suite executives without passing through intermediaries
      • Seamless CRM integration
      • Well-structured database that is available in easy-to-use formats such as .xls, .csv, and text
      Finally, what’s more, is that our data solutions and services are available at affordable prices with no hidden charges involved! In case you already have a home-grown Siebel CRM customers list that needs an overhaul, our data experts can give that through various supportive services such as data cleansing, management, appending, and customer profiling, among others. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get a sample list.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use Siebel CRM for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Siebel CRM is Oracle’s customer relationship management software that helps businesses build strong customer relationships through partnership management, order capture, quote, eBilling, etc.

        A Siebel CRM customers list is a contact database with accurate and validated records of top companies using Siebel CRM that are also a good target audience for your business.

        Thomson Data’s Siebel CRM customers list is 95% accurate to ensure there are no discrepancies, duplicities, and blank fields.

        Over 4000 companies worldwide use Siebel CRM as their customer relationship management solution.

        Some of the top companies using Siebel CRM are BP, American Airlines, AXA Group, Sberbank, Canon, Indian Oil, Emirates NBD, Wells Fargo, American Express, Capital One, Dell, UnitedHealth Group and many more.