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Companies Using HubSpot

HubSpot is a workforce tool used to automate marketing tasks in an organization. It can help you generate sizable revenue by optimizing the company’s sales pipeline. HubSpot tools ensure revenue growth by creating a website, publishing blog content, or executing email marketing campaigns.
Currently, the platform has 143,000+ organizations spread across more than 120 countries and a revenue of $1.3 billion. Want to connect with such companies using HubSpot for professional growth? If yes, connect with Thomson Data and get access to our HubSpot customers list.
With our human-verified, comprehensive databases, you will be able to reach the target audience and notice a boost in ROI. Continue reading to know more.

List of Companies Using HubSpot

In Thomson Data’s list of companies using HubSpot, you will find detailed information about all prominent organizations, such as:
Company Name Website Country Employee Size Revenue
Accenture Ireland 710,000 $59 Billion
Mollie Netherlands 294 $154 Million
TrustPilot Denmark 634 $145 Million
Ruangguru Indonesia 3,365 $448 Million
Yousign France 44 $12 Million
Gitbook United States <25 <$5 Million
Stravan Belgium 26 $5 Million
Peloton United States 8,662 $4 Billion
Mews United Kingdom <25 <$5 Million
Rock Content United States 500 $116 Million
Wing United States 26 $76 Million
Airstream United States 766 $230 Million
Crunch Fitness United States 2,096 $34 Million
Ceros United States 350 $74 Million
Momentive United States 5,000 $2 Billion
ClassPass United States 400 $84 Million
Zendesk United States 6,300 $1 Billion
Finn Partners United States 598 $138 Million
180 Medical United States 340 $65 Million

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    Technographic Data Of Companies That Use HubSpot

    At Thomson Data, our experts have used context-driven human research and advanced data indexing techniques to track companies using HubSpot. This inbound marketing platform is widely used by companies in various sectors like Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, Marketing and Advertising, etc.
    Additionally, HubSpot market share is 23.18% in the marketing automation niche. Needless to say, it is a popular software helping companies like Accenture and Trustpilot generate leads and increase the number of signups. With annual revenues of $50.53 billion and $100 million, respectively, these organizations are industry leaders. With ever-changing industry dynamics, our data records will help you stay a step ahead of competitors and capture market opportunities instantly.

    HubSpot Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to software and IT solutions use HubSpot on a large scale with Computer Software covering more than 20.9%, Information Technology and Services about 46%, and Staffing and Recruiting industry having 17% of market share.

    Computer Software 38,067
    IT and Services 17,261
    Retail 14,069
    Financial Services 4,118
    Hospitals and Healthcare 3,119
    Internet 3,060
    Marketing and Advertising 1,215
    Credit Unions 877
    Insurance 409
    Real Estate 156

    HubSpot Customers by Country

    The United States is the major contributor to global HubSpot usage. So, you can understand how significant a market it is for any relevant marketing campaigns.

    United States 37,016
    Canada 4,135
    United Kingdom 7,290
    Australia 4,540
    Germany 1,744
    India 2,945

    HubSpot Customers by Revenue

    About 11.9% of companies with more than $200 million in net revenue integrate HubSpot into their systems. Being able to market to these types of clientele will be highly profitable.

    $0 Million to $1 Million 14,944
    $1 Million to $10 Million 36,923
    $10 Million to $50 Million 10,406
    $50 Million to $100 Million 5,346
    $100 Million to $200 Million 4,840
    $200 Million to $1000 Million 5,001
    > $1000 Million 4,891

    HubSpot Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the HubSpot customers by job title, developers cover 4%, followed by the administrators, which is around 2.5%. The remaining 92% of job title includes Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.

    Developer 70,964
    Administrator 36,901
    Architect 15,612
    Consultant 22,708
    Project Manager 5,960
    Others 1,267,138

    HubSpot Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 46.5% of companies using HubSpot are having employee count of less than 200, 32.3% of companies are having employee count in between 200 to 5,000, and the remaining 21.1% of the companies that use HubSpot have employee count more than 5,000.

    1-10 Employees 15,008
    11-50 Employees 13,586
    51-200 Employees 9,695
    201-500 Employees 9,123
    501-1,000 Employees 8,786
    1,001-5,000 Employees 8,766
    5,001-10,000 Employees 8,704
    >10,000 Employees 8,683

    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

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      HubSpot Customers by State-wise in the USA

      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      District of Columbia62
      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      New Hampshire200
      New Jersey979
      New Mexico178
      New York2,554
      North Carolina988
      North Dakota51
      Puerto Rico0
      Rhode Island131
      South Carolina363
      South Dakota65
      Virgin Islands0
      West Virginia78

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      Scale Your Business Using our Segmented HubSpot Clients List

      At Thomson Data, we inherently believe in customer satisfaction and ensure to provide the preferred databases. We offer a range of segmentations in our HubSpot clients list, recognizing evolving industry demands. You can customize the databases and get all the required information to launch B2B marketing campaigns efficiently. Some of the standard data categorizations you will find in our records are:
      • Job Role/Title
      • Company Name
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Number
      • Industry Affiliations
      • Entity Type
      • Company Size
      • Annual Revenue
      • Ownership Type
      • Firmographics
      • Geographical Region
      • Demographics
      However, that’s not all. To further make it more convenient for our customers, we fine-tune all HubSpot clients list to include the following job titles:
      • HubSpot CRM Administrators
      • Full Stack HubSpot CRM Specialists
      • HubSpot Managers
      • HubSpot Salesforce Developers
      • Marketing Automation Specialists
      • CRM Data Specialists
      • Marketing Technologists

      The categories mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg. Thomson Data provides over 75 specialized segments to help the customers build a solid list of companies using HubSpot.

      Who Can Use HubSpot Customers List?

      Our team at Thomson Data consists of data industry experts who ensure to add only high-quality contact cards to boost the success rate of B2B marketing campaigns. While curating the HubSpot customers list, we not only prioritize verified channels but also focus on its overall response rate and extensive scope. After keeping all such factors in mind, we provide effective and efficient data records that can scale the results of your advertising efforts.
      Moreover, you can use our data to increase the sales figures of your organization in multiple ways. People who can utilize our HubSpot clients list are:
      • Business owners providing certain products or services that work well with the HubSpot software
      • Industry consultants offering services to help companies optimize their use of HubSpot tools
      • Digital marketers or other entrepreneurs looking to connect with companies using HubSpot
      In such cases, our list of companies using HubSpot can be a game-changer for your B2B organization.

      How to use HubSpot Customers List?

      Our HubSpot clients list is not just extensive but is equally accessible and easy to use. If you are wondering how to begin, the process is quite simple. You need to contact the Thomson Data team and explain your data requirements. Our experts will start curating a customized HubSpot customers list to help optimize your advertising efforts. We ensure to provide you with properly structured and segmented data only.
      Once you have the correct database, it’s time to work on marketing campaigns. It is easier to identify your target audience and connect with them with such detailed information. So, platforms like social media, email, and telemarketing are no longer out of your reach. At Thomson Data, we strive to help our customers launch multi-marketing campaigns and grab every opportunity at the earliest.

      Why Choose Us?

      Thomson Data is a team of professional experts looking to help business owners expand their network and tap into unknown markets. We aim to stay ahead of our competitors by providing only extensively verified data sets to our clients. Our goal is not only to serve the customers with a high-quality HubSpot clients list. We also aim to help our services bring more profit to your doorstep and increase your brand awareness significantly.
      We promise you the following things:
      • Properly structured and highly responsive data
      • Regularly updated and concise data records
      • Human-verified and cross-referenced information to boost your sales
      • An impressive deliverability rate of 95%
      • The data-collection process that complies with all legal policies and guidelines
      • CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant data to reduce the possibility of negative responses
      Working with inaccurate data is a sure shot step towards your company’s failure. Instead, you must work with a compelling list of companies using HubSpot and start working to meet your prospective client’s demands. Once you start narrowing the target audience, you will realize that you can achieve better results for less money and time. Once you sort the data requirements, nothing can hold you back from the peak of professional success. At Thomson Data, we prioritize your success above all!

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use HubSpot for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        HubSpot is used by thousands of companies worldwide looking to optimize their B2B and B2C marketing strategies. This platform is most appropriate for organizations belonging to various industries that are finding it difficult to catch up with technological advancements.

        A HubSpot customers list is an extensive database containing all pertinent information about organizations actively using HubSpot for the marketing campaigns.

        At Thomson Data, our HubSpot customers list is compiled using state-of-the-art software. We update our data regularly to ensure maximum accuracy in the HubSpot customers list.

        HubSpot is a well-renowned tool used by over 143,000 companies worldwide. Some familiar names in the HubSpot clients list are Accenture, Zendesk, Trustpilot, ClassPass, etc.

        Top leading companies using HubSpot are Accenture, Mollie, TrustPilot, Yousign, Airstream, Crunch Fitness, Zendesk, 180 Medical and many more.

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