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Big Data Customers List

Big Data contains a massive combination of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data that is of greater variety, with colossal volumes arriving at high velocity. It processes and analyzes complex data sets from new data sources in the cloud.
Thomson Data’s Big Data customers list is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. It helps marketers connect with verified customers to bring their business to the forefront of their industry. With our list, you can conduct hyper-personalized campaigns to target niche customers according to your business requirements. Our team has made sure that rigorous efforts are carried out to compile this list. With the customized format available, finding the Big Data customers you need for market research, business expansion or lead generation can be done in a streamlined manner.
Globally, the Big Data market share was $44 billion in 2021, and it is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 18.2%, eventually touching $120 billion by 2027.
With our updated list, you can expand your business, increase profit from sales with good ROI and be a major part of the global Big Data market share. Make the best use of this growing Big Data industry to make your business shine.

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      Data Segmentation in our Big Data Customers List

      Apache Hadoop Customers List Rapid Miner Customers List NoSQL Customers List Microsoft HDInsight Customers List
      RainStor Customers List Apache Spark Customers List Datapine Customers List Sqoop Customers List
      Wolfram Alpha Customers List Presto Customers List Google BigQuery Customers List SAS Customers List
      Apache Hive Customers List PolyBase Customers List Apache Storm Customers List Snowflake Customers List
      ElasticSearch Customers List Xplenty Customers List Tableau Public Customers List Datawrapper Customers List
      Qubole Customers List PowerBI Customers List Kafka Customers List Pentaho Customers List
      Databricks Customers List Apache Cassandra Customers List Skytree Customers List Splunk Customers List
      Cloudera Customers List Apache Flink Customers List RapidMiner Customers List OpenRefine Customers List
      NodeXL Customers List KNIME Customers List Sisense Customers List Google Cloud Platform Customers List
      Plotly Customers List Google Fusion Tables Customers List MongoDB Customers List SQL Server Management Studio Customers List

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      Top Companies Using Big Data

      Would you like to know which companies are using Big Data? Have a look at the table below!
      Company NameWebsiteRevenueEmployee SizeEmail IDPhone Number$14.7M70[email protected](800) 510-2856$18.9M91[email protected](312) 878-6600
      Sensor$64.9M309[email protected](888) 285-6786$2.8B8062[email protected](415) 848-8400$2.2B6744[email protected](925) 452-6500$12M100[email protected](617) 514-0030
      MFour$15M72[email protected](714) 754-1234
      OTA$63M300[email protected]+44 2035100791<$5M<25[email protected](202) 908-1416<$5M100[email protected](707) 266-6540$16.4M65[email protected](650) 862-9580$24.7M190[email protected](646) 839-0012<$5M<25[email protected](425) 208-9736$115.5M550[email protected](888) 466-6958$85.3M626[email protected]+1 857 600 2567$328M1004[email protected](310) 341-4420$581.5M1548[email protected](617) 213-1788<$5M<25[email protected](617) 336-8387$21M100[email protected](650) 781-3680$8.5M85[email protected]+61 352921010

      Customization in Big Data Customers List

      Thomson Data provides customized Big Data customers lists based on your specific business requirements. Our data experts collate data from reliable sources like newsletters, business directories, company listings, official websites, conferences, trade shows, and other credible sources to ensure the data credibility.
      The customization can be done with 78+ filters. Here are a few to get an idea:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Work Experience
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Company Revenue
      • Company Website
      • Assets Size
      • Postal Address
      • Geographical Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Firmographics
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Code
      • Entity Type
      Our segmentation and customization will help save time and resources. You can use our Big Data customers list for all your multichannel marketing campaigns and improve your business ROI.

      Who Can Use the Big Data Customers List?

      Several industries can benefit from the Big Data customers list. A few sectors are mentioned here:

      • Finance
      • Software
      • Logistics
      • Marketing
      • Government
      • Research

      This Big Data clients list is for you if you require the contact details to connect with key decision makers that are your potential audience.

      How to Use Big Data Customers List

      Customize the Big Data customers list according to your specific business requirements. Be clear about the following questions like –
      • Which sector are you catering to?
      • Who are your clients?
      • What do they need?
      Plan this out so that you can avail a tailored database that best suits your requirements.
      In our Big Data customers list, we provide data like their name, company size, geographic location, contact details, etc. With all these details, you can properly execute your multichannel marketing campaigns like:
      • Email marketing
      • Social media marketing
      • SMS marketing
      • Snail mail marketing
      • Telemarketing campaigns
      • And much more.

      Why Choose Us?

      Our Big Data customers list is credible and up-to-date. We ensure that all the data are opt-in with consent. Utilize it for all your multichannel marketing needs, whether it is digital (email, social media, website, etc.) or physical (mail, brochures, etc.).

      Here are a few features we possess in our database:

      • Can connect with 7M+ prospects available in the Big Data customers list
      • Assured email deliverability rate of 95%
      • Improve your business revenue exponentially
      • Lists are cleansed and appended every 90 days
      • Can easily integrate with existing CRM because of the availability of .xls, .txt and .csv formats for download
      • CAN-SPAM, GDPR and CCPA-compliant
      • USPS-verified and CASS-certified
      • Global outreach possible with prospects of the US, UK, Australia and other regions of North America, South America, Europe, APAC, etc.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use Big Data for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.


      Engage with an expert to learn more about our solution

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