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amoCRM Customers List

amoCRM (now known as Kommo) is a multi-channel sales automation platform that enables users to connect with leads hassle-free. The platform enables customers to reach out to online businesses through prompt interaction via instant messengers.
It employs Salesbot, an AI chatbot that modulates marketing workflows without any intervention from the clients. Additionally, amoCRM ensures easy integration of multiple business tools with the unified inbox presented by the automation tool.
The CRM software ensures enhanced access to customer data and improved efficiency. Currently, amoCRM is one of the most advanced tools utilized by businesses across the globe. The current amoCRM market share stands at 0.47%, which is constantly advancing at a rapid scale.
To gain access to the best quality leads from the amoCRM customers list, it’s important to move quickly. Whether businesses offer software consultation or marketing services, an accurate amoCRM clients list is the route to successful revenue generation. That’s where Thomson Data empowers you with the multi-channel optimized and verified list of companies using amoCRM.
We provide our clients with the ease of expansion with authentic and validated information extracted from comprehensive databases. We ensure the quality your campaigns demand and deserve!

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    List of companies that use amoCRM

    Thomson Data has compiled an extensive list of companies from different industries across the globe which enhance their workflows using messaging-powered amoCRM. Our collection consists of amoCRM customers employing the tool for sales automation. The range of industries utilizing the automation software includes:
    • Automotive Manufacturing Companies
    • Professional Services
    • Food Service
    • Healthcare Industries
    • Construction Companies
    • Transportation and Logistics Services
    • Retail Industry
    • And More!
    Here’s a list of the top 20 companies that use amoCRM that your business must target!
    Company NameWebsite URLEmployee SizeRevenue
    Adonis Auto Groupadonisauto.com240$30 Million
    Andagon GmbHandagon.com150$16 Million
    Grupo Lomas Verdesgrupolomas.com50$5 Million
    Cosmichromecosmichrome.com10$1 Million
    B Entertained DJs and Moreeverythingdjs.com5$1 Million
    Codenvy Inccodenvy.com200$50 Million
    VoxImplantvoximplant.com183$42 Million
    Union Of Concerned Scientists, Inc.ucusa.org282$45 Million
    Credit Karma, Inc.creditkarma.com5,000$273 Million
    H&R Block, Inc.hrblock.com10,000$3.41 Billion$5 Million
    Escuela Libre De Negociosescuelalibredenegocios.edu25$11 Million
    Vialternavialterna.com50$10 Million
    Globusglotus.kz44$7 Million
    Siberia Resort and Spasiberiahotel.ru71$10 Million
    Cable Colorcablecolor.hn56$11 Million
    KTZ Expressktze.kz27$6 Million
    Ruebush Groupruebushgroup.com25$6 Million
    Pridexpridex.in545$149 Million

    Technographic Data Of Companies That Use amoCRM

    amoCRM Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to software and IT solutions use amoCRM on a large scale with Computer Software covering more than 11.14%, Information Technology and Services about 5.86%, and Retail industry having 9.78% of market share.

    Computer Software 637
    IT and Services 335
    Retail 559
    Financial Services 69
    Hospitals and Healthcare 269
    Internet 89
    Marketing and Advertising 174
    Credit Unions 46
    Insurance 71
    Real Estate 336
    Others 3,133

    amoCRM Customers by Country

    The United States is the major contributor to global amoCRM usage. So, you can understand how significant a market it is for any relevant marketing campaigns.

    United States 451
    Germany 21
    Canada 49
    United Kingdom 87
    Australia 54
    India 35
    others 296

    amoCRM Customers by Revenue

    About 75.64% of companies with less than $50 million in net revenue integrate amoCRM into their systems. Being able to market to these types of clientele will be highly profitable.
    $0 Million to $1 Million1,040
    $1 Million to $10 Million2,563
    $10 Million to $50 Million722
    $50 Million to $100 Million371
    $100 Million to $200 Million336
    $200 Million to $1000 Million347
    > $1000 Million339

    amoCRM Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the amoCRM customers by job title, developers cover 4.98%, followed by the administrators, which is around 2.59%. The remaining 92.43% of job title includes Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.
    Project Manager24

    amoCRM Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 46.54% of companies using amoCRM are having employee count of less than 200, 32.37% of companies are having employee count in between 200 to 5,000, and the remaining 21.09% of the companies that use amoCRM have employee count more than 5,000.
    1-10 Employees1,045
    11-50 Employees943
    51-200 Employees673
    201-500 Employees633
    501-1,000 Employees610
    1,001-5,000 Employees608
    5,001-10,000 Employees604
    >10,000 Employees602
    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to get the current count.”

    Get Updated Count

      amoCRM Customers by State-wise in the USA

      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      District of Columbia0
      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      North Carolina12
      North Dakota0
      New Hampshire2
      New Jersey11
      New Mexico2
      New York31
      Rhode Island1
      South Carolina4
      South Dakota0
      West Virginia0
      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to get the current count.”

      Acquire High Quality Leads with Segmented and Customized amoCRM Clients List

      Every well-researched database brings you closer to the targeted business goals. However, compiling all the data sets with thorough vetting and scrutinization takes immense effort and time. That’s why Thomson Data offers businesses targeting amoCRM customers a meticulously drafted and intricately combined list of high-performing companies.
      We collect and segregate information based on a range of selects to turn acquisition easier and extremely quick. Here’s the list of selects we include in our database:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Industry Experience
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • Entity Type
      • SIC Code
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Revenue of Company
      • Company Website
      • Assets Proportion
      • Offline Address
      • Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Firmographics
      We also ensure on-demand customizations of the list of companies using amoCRM. Reach out to the high-in-demand leads with utmost ease and focused targeting.

      Beneficiaries of amoCRM Customers List

      Our comprehensively curated amoCRM customers list is versatile. We strive to offer maximum benefits to our clients from every vertical in the industry they belong to. Here is the list of beneficiaries who can maximize their ROI with our extensive lists:
      • Software Marketing Agencies
      • Sales Automation Companies
      • Processing and Management Services
      • Real Estate Firms
      • Medical Products Manufacturing and Distribution Units
      • Renting and Housing Community
      • Software Integration Assistant Firms
      • Payment Distribution Companies
      • CRM Development Companies
      • And More!
      Our customized lists help B2B ventures reach their targets with direct communication with the decision-makers. We avail businesses of the opportunity to land their pitches straight in the inboxes of CXOs and executives.

      How Can You Use amoCRM Customers List?

      If your business demands efficiency at an affordable cost, Thomson Data is the reliable data partner you require. We enable B2B businesses to capture leads for marketing and revenue generation. In addition, we offer industry-specific customizations to facilitate convenient and intent-focused marketing campaigns. Through the utilization of amoCRM Customer list, businesses from any industry can enhance their global reputation. We avail you of a hard bounce-free collection of resources to ensure every marketing endeavor propels your growth.
      Our well-segmented amoCRM clients list empowers businesses to launch integrated and multi-channel marketing campaigns with minimal effort. In addition, we ensure the enhancement of global authority through connection with reputable leaders from various domains.

      Why Should You Choose Thomson Data?

      At Thomson Data, quality is of the highest priority. We pride ourselves in offering the niche-centric amoCRM customers list per their businesses’ demands. Our data professionals acquire information from reliable sources involving opt-in emails, seminars, conferences, trade shows, etc. All our lists are privacy compliant, USPS-verified and CASS-certified. After data accumulation, our databases undergo a strict verification process. Our authentication procedure comprises multiple automated and manual checks. Additionally, we conduct routine extraction processes to ensure the addition of fresh information for an enhanced delivery rate.
      Our highly validated database ensures an organized structure for the marketing campaigns curation and implementation alike. With the help of our amoCRM clients list, businesses can perfect their strategies by weeding out loopholes through accurate data inclusion. We ensure high performance and even better ROIs for every marketing campaign. We streamline every business endeavor to uplift the result of your strategies. Contact us to elevate the performance of your campaigns and construct a successful sales pipeline for rapid growth.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use amoCRM for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        amoCRM is a sales automation solution that operates by integrating an instant messaging feature in the sales processes. It assists the customers in managing workflows and acquiring lead information through analytics and tracking.

        amoCRM is used by a huge number of companies across the globe. Some of the organizations utilizing amoCRM solutions are:

        • Adonis Auto Group
        • Andagon GmbH
        • Grupo Lomas Verdes
        • Cosmichrome
        • B Entertained DJs and More
        • Suhin.Ru
        • Codenvy Inc
        • And so on

        amoCRM customers list is a compilation of the companies utilizing the services offered by amoCRM for automating their sales processes. Thomson Data extracts the relevant information of the clients of amoCRM, including their name, company size, revenue, location, and so much more.

        Thomson Data offers a highly accurate and consistently verified amoCRM customers list to enhance your marketing campaigns. We ensure the collection of datasets from reliable sources. Moreover, we conduct multiple checks and verification processes regularly to avail you of an error-free list.