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Agile CRM Customers List

Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction for a business. Here’s where the Agile CRM customers list comes in handy. Agile CRM is a privately owned SaaS software for small to medium size firms that help in customer relationship management. The Agile CRM market share is 4.57%, and 44% of customers are from the United States, 11% are from the United Kingdom, and 8% are from Australia.
Agile CRM is giving some tough competition to other brands and is said to increase its growth in the upcoming year. It is the most effective software for understanding your customer’s needs and creating a sales funnel that draws them. Consequently, the Agile CRM customers list is your pick if you want to fuel leads into your B2B sales pipelines.
Thomson Data’s Agile CRM customers list is accurate and fully comprehensive with data. Our research analysts and data experts work together to look through authentic and reliable data repositories to give your marketing campaigns a well-deserved boost. The customer list houses all the companies using Agile CRM as their CRM tool worldwide.

This pre-verified Agile CRM customer list will help you boost the deliverability of data. In turn, it will help you increase the revenue. You can even avail of our marketing data cleansing services to gain more insight into the market for advertising.

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    Prominent Companies That Use Agile CRM

    Customer Relationship Management, better called CRM software, is the platform that connects various departments of your company, from sales to marketing and IT to commerce, to enhance customer experience and ensure retention. According to Fortune Business Insights, the growth of this software is not decreasing anytime soon, which has pushed many businesses into its bandwagon. This is one reason that has contributed to the popularity of the Agile CRM clients list.
    Here’s a list of companies that use Agile CRM to build better customer relationships.
    Company NameWebsiteCountryEmployee SizeRevenue
    Ehacking (Ethical Hacking)ehacking.netUnited States10-50$5 Million
    Lyngblomstenlyngblomsten.orgUnited States200-449$28 Million
    Splendor Design Groupsplendordesign.comUnited States<25<$5 Million
    Green Mellengreenmellenmedia.comUnited States<25<$5 Million
    Gainappgainapp.comUnited States35$2.6 Million
    Gosun Stovegosun.coUnited States12$5,87 Million
    Keller Williams Realtykw.comUnited States190,000$3.6 Billion
    Crank Wheelcrankwheel.comUnited States1-10$580.000
    Superbeesuperbee.meUnited States51-200$5 Million
    Insperityinsperity.comUnited States2900$5 Billion
    YEAH! Localyeah-local.comUnited States1-10$1 Million

    Technographic Data Of Customers Using Agile CRM

    Agile CRM Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to software and IT solutions use Agile CRM on a large scale with Computer Software covering more than 46.22%, Information Technology and Services about 20.96%, and Retail industry having 17.08% of market share.
    Computer Software9,311
    Information Technology and Services4,222
    Financial Services1,007
    Hospitals and Health Care763
    Marketing and Advertising297
    Credit Unions215
    Real Estate38

    Agile CRM Customers by Country

    The United States is the major contributor to global Agile CRM usage. So, you can understand how significant a market it is for any relevant marketing campaigns.
    United States 2,004
    Canada 114
    United Kingdom 194
    Australia 584
    Germany 870
    India 974

    Agile CRM Customers by Revenue

    About 97.94% of companies with less than $100 million in net revenue integrate Agile CRM into their systems. Being able to market to these types of clientele will be highly profitable.

    Agile CRM Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the Agile CRM customers by job title, developers cover 60.23%, followed by the administrators, which is around 19.57%. The remaining 20.20% of job title includes Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.
    Developer 12,131
    Administrator 3,942
    Architect 650
    Consultant 2,909
    Project Manager 510

    Agile CRM Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 50.57% of companies using Agile CRM are having employee count of less than 200, 19.80% of companies are having employee count in between 200 to 1,000, and the remaining 29.63% of the companies that use Agile CRM have employee count more than 1,000.
    1-10 Employees 1,590
    10-50 Employees 1,354
    50-200 Employees 167
    200-500 Employees 397
    500-1000 Employees 821
    1000-5000 Employees 471
    5000-10000 Employees 529
    >10000 Employees 823

    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

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      Agile CRM Customers By State-Wise In The USA

      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      District of Columbia20
      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      North Carolina45
      North Dakota2
      New Hampshire10
      New Jersey59
      New Mexico3
      New York202
      Rhode Island5
      South Carolina12
      South Dakota2
      West Virginia1

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      Segmented and Tailored List of Agile CRM Customers

      The list of Agile CRM customers provided by us is segmented into relevant categories to offer you real-time customer insights. We collate the data to suit precise targeting objectives. Plus, our team also offers the choice of customization per the different parameters. The motto is to help you achieve your business objectives and marketing goals effectively. Some of the parameters are listed below:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Work Experience
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Code
      • Entity Type
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Company Revenue
      • Company Website
      • Assets Size
      • Postal Address
      • Geographical Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Firmographics
      Expand your business and enter into a niche market with our list of companies using Agile CRM. You don’t have to struggle to come up with details of customers who are using this SaaS software as we do the major work for you. You focus on growing your business while we work on your customer list. The amazing thing is that the list is offered in multiple formats for ease of use and accessibility.

      Leverage Agile CRM Customer List For Better Opportunities

      Businesses make use of Customer Relationship Management Software to develop personalized relationships with their customers. It helps them map their customer’s buying journey and gives them a clear idea of their preferences and pain points. Engaging in all of this manually or through an Excel sheet would be time-consuming and complicated. Therefore, the best choice is to use Agile CRM software.
      However, if you are a marketer planning to target Agile CRM software users, allow us to help you deliver the right message using Agile CRM customer list. Here are a few selects that can leverage the list of companies using Agile CRM.
      • SaaS marketer
      • CRM consultation services
      • IT and Technology sector
      • Marketing Agency
      • Finance
      • And more!
      By choosing an Agile CRM customer list, marketers can engage in multi-channel B2B marketing and build global brand recognition.

      Relevant and Accurate Agile CRM Customers List

      B2B enterprises gather client lists for increasing business outcomes. They help a great deal in business retention and client engagement. You need to make intelligent use of Agile CRM customers list to derive the maximum benefit from them. Therefore, keeping your customer database 100% precise and comprehensive is highly important. An inaccurate or poorly structured database will not give you the expected results.
      Thomson Data ensures every detail added to Agile CRM customer database is valid and legitimate. Unless the information sourced passes a multiple-tier verification process, they are not added to the final database. We offer you a thoughtfully curated Agile CRM companies list to meet your diverse business objectives.
      Your databases become irrelevant with time. So, think twice if you believe your in-house client database will help you in effective marketing. It would help if you had not only an accurate database but also one that is frequently updated with new information – something that Thomson Data offers.

      Why Should You Choose Thomson Data’s Solutions and Services?

      Thomson Data allows you to streamline and strategize your marketing campaigns with a relevant and reliable leads list. We have been in this business for a long time to achieve the highest service excellence. Our inventory is well-stocked with superior business technology tools to build a solid database for clients that increase their ROI. So, if you want to expand your global business outreach and build a brand with qualified leads, Thomson Data is waiting to hear from you.
      Some of the salient features that make us a good choice are listed below:
      • 90% accurate data to improve your KPIs
      • 95% deliverability rate
      • Vast data segmentation choices available
      • The option to create a customized list
      • Easy and quick CRM integration
      • Supports multi-channel marketing
      • GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM compliant database
      • And many others!
      The database featuring a list of companies using Agile CRM helps unleash new opportunities for success!

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use Agile CRM for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        The Agile CRM customers list is a database featuring various information regarding the top-decision makers, IT professionals, and executives who use Agile CRM to manage their customer journey and promote their retention.

        Yes, Thomson Data provides an opt-in Agile CRM customers list that suggests users have given their consent to receive your message or pitch. This means that customers are interested and in need of your services. As a result, your business enjoys a higher response rate and lower bounce rate.

        We update the database of Agile CRM clients list quarterly to ensure that you never suffer a setback in your sales pitch. Our motto is to deliver our clients only new data to help them succeed and flourish.

        Agile CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a cloud-based software that integrates sales, marketing, commerce, social media, and other engagement platforms to develop a centralized hub for customer analytics.

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