Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

When you decide to go viral, content is, without a doubt, king! You must create priceless content that does more than simply engage a reader – it’s got to make them want to spread it around, because honestly, you spread things around for three reasons,

  • You are genuinely interested in disseminating information.
  • It makes you money.
  • You want other people to REALIZE how cool you are by sending them all the cool and interesting stuff that you enjoy.

And just so you know, it’s by capitalizing the third reason that you can turn your viral video into an epidemic! If you can make people think, that by viewing your content, they are perceived as more suave, intelligent, worldly, chic or whatever adjective works for them, they will post your stuff on to their page where more people (who all want to look cool) will see it and think, Hey! It’d be cool if I put that on my page and everyone saw it!

Okay, so they may not think those exact words, but that’s the general idea.

1. Relevancy Matters!

A good place to start is by ensuring that your post features a topic that’s big in popular culture. People relate very strongly to contemporary cultural icons and that’s why so many culturally relevant posts go viral. Because they’re easily recognizable, any kinds of stunning information about pop culture icons will always entice users and creates excellent shock value.

P.S. – Twitter is a good place to start looking for ideas.

2. Funny Works!

Funny ALWAYS works! If something can coax a genuine laugh out of you, even if it’s just a giggle, your body chemistry will take over and make you feel naturally benevolent towards the cause of your mirth. So if your viral post is intended to be humorous, it’s got to be uproariously funny. And innovatively funny, too. In fact, include as many kinds of funny as you can manage to squeeze in without diluting the overall effect. People, the world over, appreciate unique, genuinely humorous content.

3. Make It Shockingly Attractive!

Controversy is a great way to grab people’s attention. Taboo topics generate lots and lots of genuine attention and so do provocative thumbnails or graphics in conjunction with killer content. A super-hot supermodel is a much better advertising device than a blurry screenshot of nothingness. Just make sure your thumbnails are actually indicative of how viral your post is, else you will suffer at the hands of unsatisfied users as they push your post into oblivion.

A post about something considered truly evil (like cannibalism) should be avoided at all costs. Whatever you do, just be’ ethical about it.

4. Smaller Shrapnel Tends to Travel Further

A short, explosive post works much better than a long, not-so-explosive post. This is primarily, because long explosions tend to lose their novelty about halfway through (unless they’re explosions of truly epic proportions) and tempt people to hit the back button. Have you figured out the metaphor yet? Please leave this page if you haven’t.

5. Appeal to the Vanity Factor!

People love talking, hearing and posting about themselves, especially when they perceive themselves to be cool. That is an indisputable fact. It’s one of the reasons all those online horoscopes and quizzes and questionnaires are so popular.

(Eg: Which mythical warrior are you? Take this short quiz to find out now!!)
People take a quiz = They answer questions about themselves.
They read the results = They read about themselves.
They post the quiz results to their favorite social networking site = Now all their friends can read about them too!

You can utilize this predisposition toward self-promotion to make an impact with your video or post or whatever it is that you intend to go viral with. Just keep it cool. So cool that everyone will want to be a part of putting it out there. In summary, creating great viral marketing content is hard, but if you have the right bent of mind, you can work wonders.