Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

First of all very thanks to all of you for reading and giving tremendous response to my previous article; Your response made me feel that leadership and leading a team is one of the biggest challenges for any company. So, after going through short research about the secrets of successful leaders, this time I will be writing some of the top undisclosed truth of any successful leader.

A Team of Passion

If I say dedicated team that means a team should be like that where the sense of individuality shouldn’t exist. Leadership expert Harvey Mackaygi that successful entrepreneurs not only have extensive community and sales experience, but also to understand the high-employment skills.

It’s been seen that, hiring a team of passionate employees has given the result of a great team. The best leaders hire the best people and are selective. Never sacrifice quality for quantity if you’re looking to hire more people as your business grows.

Over Communicate

I know that communication is very important with your team, but over communication with your team would lead a negative remark. Instead of you communicate, try to give the responsibility to one of the member of that team, and allow him to take some valuable decision. By this a leader will be overlooking the whole team, and that is also without over communicating or directly communicating many times with the team.

Coaching and Mentoring

Learning to coach and develop your direct reports has everything to do with your success and that of your key personnel. To do so you must focus on the important and not just the urgent. Delegating work requires the complimentary skill of coaching your understudies. To delegate is to accept the responsibility to coach performance.

Coaching involves teaching and taking a stand for the delegate’s success. Learn to enjoy the process of advancing the career and development of your reports. As you do so, you will also advance your own your own career.

In simpler terms, leaders are not just to lead and commanding to their subordinates, instead, they are real mentors and need to involve them in providing adequate knowledge to the team.

Remain Calm:

A leader must strengthen the team building. However, this downturn for the economy was plagued by the adverse environment, is particularly important. But look at all the outstanding companies and brands have emerged in the downturn, such as iPod, General Electric, Federal Express, etc.

Hope for the Best:

A company has to see many phases. Sometimes it will good, and sometimes it would be bad also. But being a leader of the company you can never let yourself down. Remember, you are leading a team of many people and you are the inspiration for all of the employees. So if you start screaming, then what about your subordinates. They will be panic and start losing confidence on you. Instead of getting panic, be with the team, discuss with the team, and try to motivate the whole team.

Believe in Your People

Last but not the least; you need to believe in your people. They are the ones who putting everything to take your company to the next level. Instead of firing, entrepreneurial leaders must help their people develop confidence, especially during tough times. That confidence comes in part from believing in your team. If you think of your people as 10s and treat them like 10s, they perform like 10s. But believing in people alone isn’t enough. You have to help them win. Make sure you are there to guide them to success. Share your knowledge. Make sure they are learning something new every day.

As the title of this article suggests some of the secrets of successful leaders, but these are not just secrets, but very useful tips that can take your leadership skills to the top.