Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
StumbleUpon Marketing Tips

It’s known that the majority of small business owners and leaders are focused on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the primary social media sites to promote their services and products. May be they are right, but one site that is becoming increasingly useful for reaching a wider audience is StumbleUpon. So, today I will tell you the reason why you should use StumbleUpon as one of the social media website to promote your service and products.

StumbleUpon is a great site for finding random, interesting websites, connecting with people who have the same interests as you, and bookmarking. But this site also holds many benefits for business that have a social media presence.

Do you have a company blog or a website that you want to see an increase in traffic to? Is your content interesting enough for people to bookmark as a favorite? Then stumble it!

Benefits of StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon asks their users to define the categories that interest them, everything from action movies to zoology. If your business fits into one of these interest categories well, your site can get a lot of new visitors that are more likely to be interested in your business. Additionally, you’re going to get a steady stream of visitors if you use it properly, as opposed to a burst of visitors from other paid advertising services that could potentially skew your website statistics or crash your servers.

Here are some suggestions for making StumbleUpon a valuable experience by promoting your own content as well as the content of others.

1. Stumble your website pages:

While it’s not the first thing you will do when beginning to use StumbleUpon, eventually you can and should stumble specific pages on your own website. However, there are a few tactics to ensure best results. The first is that you don’t stumble every page on your website. This will ultimately negate all of them and it’s pretty transparent. Instead, stumble only your best pages.

2. Building your profile:

When you build your StumbleUpon profile you’ll be asked to choose topics. Topics are categories you want to stumble or be stumbled topics you’re interested in. When you take this step, select topics in which you wish to position yourself as an expert. Select topics you’ve researched and check that your target audience or market would be most interested in it.

3. Join the communities relating to your interests and your business:

To make sure that you are served pages that truly interest you, you’ll want to join targeted communities so that the traffic is desirable. You’ll also be able to contribute similar pages to the StumbleUpon engine so that they are added. If your page relates to these groups, they will be served to the group members. You can join up to 63 groups in the following main categories, which should cover just about everything.

4. Befriend with those who have similar interests:

Add those persons whose pages interest you mean that they will likely appreciate the pages that you are submitting as well. It will be like mutual relationship between you and your friend. People who likes the pages you submit will befriend you and you will be saving them content based on the relationship. With the StumbleUpon network, you can have up to 200 friends on your friend list.

5. Label and Tag your submitted page properly:

When you tag your new submissions, be relevant. Pertinent tags will bring you the most targeted traffic from the users who specifically have expressed an interest in the topic you are serving content for. If you cover all the keywords (and tags) that you could possibly think of that don’t relate to your site, your popularity (if any) will be short lived when the thumbs-down button is pressed. Bear in mind that once the page is submitted, tags can be added and removed by the community members (which is a definite indication that they’re visiting the site!).