Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Building a Targeted Email List for Online Business

Without a doubt, the one that pointed successful marketers in the right direction was their passion about what they are marketing and how they are marketing. If you are hunting down an online business, or brick- and- mortar business, or any kind of business, you require a way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. In marketing era, email is not only alive and palmy, but essential to the success of online business.

Here’s the deal:

Since every single person in the world has an email address, building a cost effective and target oriented email list is thought provoking for B2B marketers. A targeted email list permits you to constantly nurture prospects by providing them with information and offers in order to eventually turn them into a revenue producing conversion. Moreover, building a targeted mailing list pretty much from scratch is a challenging task. Dive into this article, to learn the techniques for building the targeted email list effectively.

1. Send a welcome Email Offering a Free Gift:

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Design a splendid offer in order to grab the attention of customers and if they like it, they will subscribe to the business email list naturally. The freebie may include a white paper or e- book or any other useful stuff like a booklet. Promote an online contest giveaway to build the email list.

2. Use an Auto responder System:

In this mature marketing system, to build a long-term relationship with the customers on the list we need an auto responder system. The key fact about auto responders are to engage the customers with your online business and encourage them to opt-in, your mailing list by sharing valuable and informative content.

3. Create an attractive Squeeze page:

A Squeeze page is a web page that contains information that would raise interest in the marketer’s targeted audience. As its title suggests, the main purpose of a squeeze page is to cajole or otherwise squeeze a visitor into providing their most coveted pieces of personal data: email. A squeeze page should be user friendly and possess good interface so that targeted audience can give their details in the embedded opt-in form.

4. Drive Targeted traffic to Squeeze page:

In order to drive the targeted traffic to the squeeze page, we can implement two best effective methodologies. The first and foremost method is using a PPC network like Google Adwords. It is a bit costly expensive method. The second method is page rank forum marketing, here we post a niche thread and fill profile in the page and the URL as signature at the bottom. It is a very good way to get traffic to the page and build the email list.