Posted On: May 03, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
7 questions to focus on Social Media for B2B Marketing

Social Media is MORE transformative for a B2B company. B2B has a smaller potential customer base as well as a higher average price point and a customer decision funnel that is more influenced by word of mouth and reputation.

1. How to focus on social media objectives?

The best answer is to focus on How-element rather than the What-aspect while getting involved with social media. It’s this focus on “media” rather than “social” that could doom this industry eventually.

The best conclusion for this is, as social media in large measure= Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Blogs so it can be a lot more than just your company’s presence on these sites.

2. What are you looking to accomplish whether brand awareness, lead generation/nurturing or a combination of all these, none of these or something else all in all?

In social media, it’s important to focus on each objective individually. This strategy is paramount while knowing your potential audience. It has value to represent your potential lead pool.

3. What platforms are working best for you – for content distribution / audience engagement, etc.?

Social media engagement is often defined as the real interactions that happen on these networks. Social media engagement depends on daily interactions among users to survive.

4.What platform(s) have disappointed you?

It is also important to know what social media platform has disappointed you. You’ll likely find more fruitful and alternative ways by taking into account customer’s dissatisfaction.

How much you know your fans/followers?

If you are looking for generating more active engagement, you must associate with your audience on an emotional level.

While auto posting tools are the convenient way to communicate, more businesses understand that engaging with their audiences in real conversations will help them getting better results and add more value to their social streams.

6. If you manage a corporate social media account, do you also maintain a separate “professional you” account?

Think your professional profile as a business. There must be a ‘firewall’ between your personal brand and your business brand. You must build a ‘firewall’ between your personal finances and your business finances.

7. How you are measuring / monitoring social media ROI?

The primary challenge in measuring ROI is by lining up with changes in algorithms, implementing the new tools that hit the marketplace and proving to your clients that they’re getting the most out of their investment in you.

Here’s what precisely recommended keeping track on:

  • Number of Fans/Followers
  • Number of Fans/Followers that match your target market
  • Number of Fans/Followers of competitors
  • Weekly audience advancement vs competitors
  • Weekly audience interaction vs competitors