Posted On: Apr 27, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Online Search-empowering people & organizations

Online search technology has an immense impact on how we behave and get things done at work, at home, and progressively while on the go.

It empowers people and organizations in every corner of the world.

A world without search technology has become inconceivable—decidedly so much that we take it for granted and sometimes undervalue its specifications.

Until now, endeavors to signify the worth of search technologies have entrusted on statistics such as

  • The trillions of online searches that are done yearly worldwide,
  • The billions of dollars advertisers pay to appear on search pages, or
  • The revenue earned by those that provide search means and marketing services.

But the above measures don’t work out competently to seize the constant creation of economic value that the click of a search button implements through, for instance,

  • Revised productivity
  • More transparency in the marketplace,
  • The exploration of new information
  • The competence to connect with the right people and companies.

Such advantages are usually associated with the Internet. But search technologies are a crucial keystone in the Internet arena.

The aim of the statistics is to assess better the far-reaching value of search technologies, looking at how they unlock value and identifying the major beneficiaries