Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

If you are into the business, then, it’s obvious that your prime goal will be to generate more revenue for your business. Obviously the goal of any marketing campaign in any medium is to generate more revenue for the business.

Within that however each marketing avenue has a specific goal that helps achieve this, be it exposure through billboards, brand loyalty through discount cards, lead generation through emails, etc. It is sad to say that most businesses still don’t know that the smaller goal within Social Media is to:

  • Learn more about your audience so you are able to better direct your products and services to what it is they want
  • You can allow your customers to get to know you better and not just you as a business but the people behind your business as well.

Introducing to social media doesn’t mean to get friends or to make friends as there will be a billion plus people, instead of, it because Social Media allows them to do the one thing every marketer has been trying to do since the inception of marketing has been trying to do, read their customers minds.

Yes, understanding customers’ minds is very vital as it gives you the sense of marketing your product but, I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you looked at your fans and followers bios on their profiles? If you’re being honest with yourself you’re probably going to say never or when I first started, and this is just one of the ways to get more in touch with who your audience is.

Along with, at the same time transparency is a key on the part of business. The more you open up the more you get response from your audience. if you go with customers perception then they buy from them whom they know and with whom the understanding is clear and honest. Doing things like employee spotlights and having employees post on the business page wall from their personal accounts will go a long way to engaging your audience more fully.

Last but not the least is Timing. Yeah time considers to be the most significant factor for every business. You need to know at what time your customers idle so that they would be interested in your content and request. If your posting at eight in the morning and the vast majority of your audience are people in the bar and restaurant industry that work till 2 am it doesn’t matter how great your content is they’ll never see it.

To be precised, I want to say that give the customers what they want in an honest and open fashion from a friendship standpoint, and at times when they preferred to be online and ready to accept yo9ur requests.