Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

It’s been long time there is a perception that customers only want to buy from great companies. Marketers promoted products and services with self-important platitudes, such as:

  • We are the leader in the industry.
  • We were founded by the smartest engineer in the world.
  • Our products are unsurpassed.

But, how many of you are running success with these kinds of strategy? I guess it could be very rare. It’s time to realize that every customer not interested of these big branding words. Instead they just want to be able to trust your company can solve their problems.

Win the Trust

How to win the trust? This one probably is the toughest question and task for any B2B company. Let me tell you, winning anybody’s trust is not that easy task, but if you start satisfying your customer’s wants then it won’t be take much time to have a strong bonding between you and your audience.

When the purchase process starts, customers assess their problems and look for possible solutions. After that only they match those solutions to potential vendors. B2B companies should take that opportunity, and provide information at every step in the research process. Here are a few types of content your customers will be looking for:

  • Testimonials and case studies, available in a variety of media.
  • Industry trends and analysis from third-party organizations.
  • Company AND competitor news.

To be able to deliver the product that your customers need, first you need to understand their problems and be ready to troubleshoot them over the short- and long-term. In addition to the actual expenditure, your customers are often making a long-term commitment to your company. They need to trust that you will have their back once the contract is signed and the money is in the bank.

Satisfying customers is not any rocket science, for that you need certain qualities etiquettes to win their heart. Below this are some of the important qualities that can be implemented to get your practice DONE!

1. Invest the time necessary to understand your customer completely.

Customers who feel understood usually trust more. By involving yourself more deeply in your customer’s business, you’ll also become indispensable.

2. Be consistent.

Earning trust is a time-consuming process that progresses as you deliver value consistently over time. Customers accept value promises from salespeople they trust.

3. Listen more, talk less.

Talking does not build trust, but listening may. Customers trust salespeople who listen to what they have to say, especially when it comes to needs and expectations. Listening also results in a better understanding of your customer (see #1 above).

4. Establish common ground and become more familiar to customers.

Customers trust what is familiar to them. Value-added salespeople try to establish common ground for dialogue when they meet with prospects or customers.

5. Provide greater responsiveness to customer problems.

Responsiveness is a critical component of value with today’s customer. Saving the customer time and providing the answers to problems are essential for value-added selling. This is one reason why first call resolution is so important.