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Email Appending Best Practices to Boost Your ROI

  • Email Appending Best Practices to Boost Your ROI

    Email Appending Best Practices to Boost Your ROI

    Most of the marketers rely on postal mailing address or telephone numbers to attract potential customers in a large amount. Although this trick works in this era of digitization, nothing can beat the power of email marketing. If you are wondering where to start with, worry not. Email appending can be your savior in this scenario. It is the process of adding or updating a missing email address into a record within your customer database. It is said to improve email marketing metrics on different levels significantly. According to experts, you can reap 30% more in your ROI by using the right email appending strategy.

    Email address can act as a valuable channel of communication only if it is accurate or deliverable. Sadly, almost 22% of the email marketing databases degrade every year naturally. It may include various reason such as,
    – Discontinued use of an email address
    – Incorrectly typed address
    – Error while entering any online form
    – Usage of an alternate address by a customer
    – Blocking the sender’s domain or IP to reduce spam
    – And many more

    The process of appending the proper email ID will allow you to fill the gap in the database by adding a missing address or correcting invalid emails.

    How Email Appending Usually Works?

    Email appending is a simpler process that lets you reach a potential audience with deliverable emails, resulting in a successful email marketing campaign. But most of the marketers are unaware of doing it in the right way. So, let’s talk about how it works before proceeding with the best practices.

    If you own a customer database consisting of names, telephone number, or postal addresses of your prospects or clients, it is sufficient to start with the process. The email appending vendors will add missing email addresses to every record and deliver the enhanced list to you. You are now ready to increase your campaign output by taking advantage of email marketing strategies.

    Email Appending Best Practices

    1: Choose the Right Vendor

    You may find a large number of email appending vendors out there. But choosing the right one forms the basis for all your next step. The ability to pick the apt partner for your business is essential today as it is challenging to study the line drawn between legal email marketing and spam. The primary focus of your firm should be on two fundamental aspects – customer privacy and match process. Only professional email appending vendor will understand the importance of seeking permissions from the customers and follow the guidelines of data protection laws such as anti-spam and GDPR.

    – Always be suspicious of exaggerated claims made by vendors because they are most likely focused on your money rather than providing quality data.
    – Choose a provider who makes use of established, conservative match algorithm during the appending process.
    – Work with a partner who has reputable clients, and is willing to provide a free match test.

    2: Always Begin With Your Existing Customers

    Marketers have a quite natural tendency to reach out to maximum people in a limited time. But, doing so may hurt campaign performance as your database will be filled with irrelevant or invalid records that serve no purpose. Therefore, one need to be patient while acquiring quality leads for the business. The key is always to begin with the active customers and not those who are expected to show some interest in your products or services. Excluding these prospective clients will be of great help for the brand reputation as your sales rep do not irritate them by sending unwanted marketing emails regularly. But remember, it does not limit email appending service to the old customers but can also include the audience who have taken part in giveaways, contests, or sought information about your brand via customer service representatives.

    3: Give Importance to Database Matching Process

    Matching the client’s records with the vendor’s database is the primary step in email appending process. Therefore, learning the type of matching algorithm used by the vendor is essential for your business growth. Businesses pay for every single added result. So, making the process evident in the beginning stage will be of great help for the users. It can either be string based on each entry or usage of some sophisticated algorithms. Either way, we always advise you to take a test batch before going in for full email appending services. It helps you to avoid multiple mismatches and also duplicate results that may occur because of the wrong procedure. Always give higher preference to the household matching where vendors match the name (first and last) along with the postal address to append email ID.

    4: Auto Opt-In and Opt-Out Permissions

    Most of the email appending service providers send an opt-in request for every record in the database to comply with the orders of GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act. It is a must-follow step to avoid any anti-spam regulations that can hurt the brand reputation severely. But, at the same time, they commit a common mistake of not sending the opt-out link. So, as the best email appending practice, you must ensure all mailers with marketing materials will include an opt-out link for consumers who wish to come out of your email list. Based on the reason provided, you can work on your email marketing strategy and lessen the number of unsubscribes.

    5: Focus on Email Suppression

    You may spend time to craft a compelling email to attract more leads. But, there may be some disinterested recipients who wish to come out of your email subscribers list. Best practices for email appending is to suppress your customer database by cutting out those who have opted out of the emails for some reason. It may also include emails that are bouncing with blacklisted emails. Focusing on the task of email suppressing will reduce the number of customer complaints and also ensure a higher deliverability rate. And, if you own an extensive database, the suppression technique can quickly lower traffic congestion on servers ensuring maximum deliverability of messages and paving the way for future communication.

    Final Thought

    Email appending is a potent source of leads and marketing revenues. So, don’t limit the success of your campaign by the size of your email database. If you haven’t considered email appending yet, we recommend you to go for it before its too late.

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