Posted On: Jan 08, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

There are no other tools in marketing that has a greater potential to complement each other and enhance a brand’s visibility like PR and SEO. Both are powerful tools that together can increase brand awareness, bring targeted quality traffic to your website, generate leads and ultimately impact your bottom line. So let’s discuss how Owned media can be benefitted from their collaboration.

Search and Owned Media:

While one aspect of Owned media resides on an owned URL where brand has complete influence on whatever is being posted another aspect reflects Owned media to build long-term relationships with existing and potential customers. Search is a key way to connect customers, fans, and prospects to owned media assets, so it’s important to keep search guidelines in mind when developing owned media strategies.

Tricks that brings traffic to Owned media assets:

1. Company websites:

Both search engine giants Google and Bing provides guidelines to build SEO friendly websites. They provide search engine tracking tools to monitor key SEO metrics and crawl-ability of your website. Review guidelines regularly to tune your website accordingly and monitor your analytics for your site’s performance in search.

2. Blogs and Newsletters:

All your blogs should include plug-ins or add-ons for SEO. Implement tricks from Google webmaster’s tool to imbibe free tools that remove technical worries and leave you with implementing correct keywords. Also do keep in mind that key SEO areas such as URL, Metadata and article titles to improve search engine results.

3. Social media profiles:

You should not only focus on internal social media ranking but also over all status. Generally when someone searches for a brand social media pages shall rank at the top searches. So make sure that your privacy settings are such that pages are not prevented from ranking your page and content.

4. Visual Social Media:

With the rise of image based social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, images and infographics can be a valuable owned-media asset. Consider creating brand relevant images and try placing them with articles, blog entries, products or social sites.

5. Mobile sites and apps:

Mobiles consumers on rise and apps being the craze, many companies create a utility-based mobile app to engage and retain users. Search engines need a piece of content to index, so consider creating a web page that’s SEO optimized to rank for brand searches, speaks to the features of the app, and provides a link to the download center or app store.

6. Webinars:

Webinars cannot be a great B2B marketing tool but they also serve as a great content for SEO purposes. If the recording is a video or podcast, post the content on YouTube and embed the content or audio file onto your website via a dedicated, SEO optimized landing page.

7. e-books or e-magazines:

Since many brands have moved to a content or publishing model, e-magazines or e-books are a great way to extend authority in a category and elevate owned media presence.

Owned media is an ever-growing field that continues to grow and search seems to be the perfect way to find and connect with audiences. Make sure to use search engine exposure by adopting SEO principles to increase your owned media audience.