Posted On: Jan 12, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Prolonged B2B Sales Cycle – New Dare Test for Marketers

Most of today’s business buyers are over stacked with volumes of information. Yes the quality of such information can be easily questioned but the quantity of the information cannot. Most business searches turn up thousands if not millions of results that include product descriptions, news articles, videos, podcasts, images, books, whitepapers, free trials, presentations, Wikipedia entries, rankings, comments, tweets and so forth. The logic behind this is that if you have a question; chances are that the answer is present somewhere ONLINE.

The New Breed Value of Buyer Intent

So getting back to basics, there are basically 3 reasons that search engine users conduct a search, and it’s important for B2B marketers to cover all bases to generate leads that convert to sales:

1. Desire to Learn

Chances are effectively there that the buyers will perform some primary research before fully understanding their problem and the alternatives they have to your solutions. So their intent when they hit the search engines is to learn.

Therefore capturing their attention at this top-of-funnel or awareness stage is beneficial to you because you will be at the top of their mind as the trustworthy source.

What Should Be Your Next Step

As a B2B marketer you should understand what kind of research your buyers would be doing and where they shall be doing it. And then you can create content around it and make sure it’s available on all the sites they frequent.

2. Desire to Compare

This is mostly considered to be the middle-of-funnel or consideration stage, where your buyers are either comparing vendors or comparing different options they have fixing the problem they have.

What Should Be Your Next Step

If you have a product that is a frequent repeat purchase, be sure they are comparing vendors and pricing is a key factor.

Say if you have a more complex product, then purchases have a higher risk because they aren’t frequent. This also means that it has to be well thought out and generally buyers don’t mind paying a higher price if it’s going to be better in the long run.

3. Desire to Order

In B2B marketing terms, you can consider this the bottom-of-funnel or Consideration stage. Your buyer knows what they are looking for and want to buy.

What Should Be Your Next Step

Offer the quickest and shortest online path to purchase. Let’s say that your SEO work has put you on top of the search results so your well-placed CTA does get them to contact you and lock it in.

And if you are thinking what is the surest way to get to the top of the results, it’s possible only through by producing great content and your position becomes highly unpredictable, as Google personalizes what each user see according to a variety of factors.