Posted On: Jun 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
The 10th Email Marketing Industry Census Report 2016

The 10th Email Marketing Industry Census Report 2016 was conducted recently this year. It was completely an online survey where more than 1411 marketers were being interviewed in March and April of this year. According to this report, almost more than three-quarters (77%) of respondents said that email marketing proffered excellent to good ROI.

Email marketing continues to head the charts for return on investment (ROI) while going ahead of SEO – according to this new report that delves into how email marketing has transformed itself over the last 10 years.

Campaigns do to a Turn

  • Marketers reported the performance of email campaigns as excellent or good
  • Marketers rated their email campaigns in 2016 with more than half (57%) as against 37% in 2013.
  • However, in spite of their confidence in its ROI, it’s still a channel that marketers could be investing more in.
  • According to the survey, on average, organizations were spending 16% of their marketing budgets on email.
  • The average dimension of sales associated with email was 23%.

More email investment needed

  • The research highlights the fact that, companies who invest at least 1/5th of their marketing budgets on email are eight times more inclined to see sales determinable to it more than 50%.
  • This is in addition to the decreasing costs of acquisition and customer retention with an increased loyalty. This is due to the move of the marketers towards a more distinct segmented approach with their marketing.
  • The report showed that 84% of companies are using basic segmentation. The majority of the marketers stated that it was an area where they would like to focus on improving.

Personalization is indispensable

Personalization was also a pivotal aspect of email marketing strategies. The research showed that content personalization – where emails are personalized apart from name – was part of the email marketing efforts of 38% of respondents and planned by 37%.

The recognition of email – an approximately old marketing means — was also highlighted in the report that states that in this year social media, which had been seen as a trendy alternative to email. According to this report, Email had started to fade in its appeal with social media the only means to see a decline in focus by both client-side and agency respondents.

Mobile still a substantial influence

  • From the survey, Mobile has continued to impact email marketing with an average of 38%. As companies’ email campaigns were opened on smartphones profoundly. This number is set to increase.
  • Regardless of the expanded customer use of mobile, however, nearly two-thirds (65%) of client-side marketers said that they had only a balanced to an elemental strategy for optimizing email for such devices.
  • However, a fifth (21%) stated that their approach ranged from quite to very advanced.

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