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Social + Email: Adopt The Change, Be The Change!

The debate has been going on for years, and yet most B2B marketers are unable to settle down with the change. Change is constant and at some point inevitable. Email + Social assimilation (“or change”, in traditional form) is one such aspect of B2B marketing that is inevitable. But the truth is most of them still doubt whether both can work together in harmony, with integration between your social media and email marketing efforts you can obtain results and discover data that you could have only dreamt about in the past.

Why Email + Social?

With one age of marketers predicting the cannibalizing of one by another; some say they are independent while others say they are complimentary. But the reason why marketers should think beyond the boundaries and make attempts for Email + Social is at some point each channel helps the other for being more engaging and valuable to subscribers.

Email is considered to be an important factor for raising awareness and driving traffic to brand’s social media pages.

A study conducted by Adotas revealed that 88% of the top online retailers now include links to their pages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media in every promotional email they send. That’s up from 75% in 2010 and just 30% in 2009.

Including testimonials from product reviews on sites is a tried-and-true tactic for bringing a social endorsement to a product. Now marketers can also draw upon comments made via social media for use in their emails.

What wonders can Email + Social do?

  • In-time social reaction break-down: Follow subscribers that share your campaign on Facebook, Like your campaign, and or post on Twitter.

  • Social Segmenting: Based on social reaction data, you can decide future campaigns to target subscribers in social media channels.

  • Automated email marketing with a social twist: Add subscriber to a new list if they liked a campaign in Facebook send a follow up campaign if you post on Twitter, update subscriber fields when they take a specific social action, and more.

  • Social sharing in Emails: Add social sharing buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon and easily track the clicks.

Be the Change:

Be the change agent and start looking for opportunities for social media integration. You can start by:

  • Discovering where your social media audience is

  • Use social networks to grow your email list

  • Use email to grow social followers and expand your reach

  • Develop the right content approach for each channel

  • Tie it all together for integrated campaigns

  • Monitor metrics and measure results

Bold Efforts – Pay off:

Try something new!! You might have to overcome certain challenges but the ultimate results will be welcoming. Have you tried to implement Email + Social strategy, what were your triumphs and disappointments, share with us, we would love to hear the same.

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